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monday! the day of monday
children of dune - leto 1
So thought. Walking into GNC, I actually am the equivalent of a wounded antelope on the savannah of vitamins and healthy living among jackals of salespeople who try to sell me papaya pills and more B-complex.

Papaya pills. Jesus.

I somehow--no idea how--got a new thing of multivitamins, and I have to admit, either the placebo effect is really amazing or the last two days, I have felt more energetic and less likely to not wnat to move, sloth-like, from my bed for long periods of time. My credit cards shiver in horror now, because seriously, New Year sales. I want to shop. Which explains why in the last week I have purchased three new pairs of shoes, a large bottle of Lingonberry concentrate (I think?), a new router (rabbit chewed through cord--seriously, do not ASK), two lamps (one for Child! Really! It's colorful!), and controlled the urge to use my Victoria Secret card in inappropriate ways involvign really awesome designer bras.

I lost my train of thought. Right. Papaya pills. Did not buy them.

I actually went in for Siberian Ginseng, ended up getting a three-ginseng and something else and me staring at what looks like powdered leaves in a large gelatin capsule. They also hinted heavily that I was a prime candidate for--I have no idea what it was, but it was in a very large bottle and scared me.

Seriously. Papaya pills?

I think the ginseng is making me slightly irritable? But I'll need to check and make sure. I can honestly state I am *really* energetic, in the vibration state. Not unpleasant, but a tiny bit disconcerting.

Other Things

Second draft of fic done. I am just amazed I actually finished something and even got it beta'ed. Like, a lot. And it has to do it again! Though to be fair, I changed enough and moevd enough stuff around from the first draft that it needs it, to make sure I didn't screw up my own continuity.

More Other Things

Work boring. Send help. Or you know, porn.

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Why would anyone pop papaya pills when the fruits themselves are so much tastier?!


*sad for humans who do not eat papaya*

papaya pills are good for upset tummies.

yeah, they got me too ...

I was trying to run. They ketp waving bottles at me!

(Deleted comment)
Hmm. That explains a lot. I remember reading about papaya juice if rabbits stomaches are upset.

Heh, the only use I could see for papaya pills would be as a digestive aid. Y'know...without actually having to eat the papaya.


Papaya is *good*, too.

Mmm..I know. Used to eat it before breakfast every morning in Mexico. With lime.

Oh, but I hate when you get one of those that tastes a little off. :( Bad papaya is reminiscent of vomit (at least to me).

I never tried papaya pills; real papaya sounds much better. Also I think the people taking green tea pills are just asking for trouble. (If taken long enough and in a high enough concentration, green tea can be a hallucinogenic. And from what I've heard, a normal-sized cup or two a day is apparently enough to get all the good antioxidant and immune system effects.) But the concentrated ginger pills are a great antacid. For me, they work much better and faster than tums or anything else I've ever tried.

I get jumpy if I'm taking too high a dose of CoQ10, but it varies. On days where I work out, or I'm out all day walking around for whatever reason and need all that energy, it doesn't bother me. I also think your body gets used to it after awhile. (I actually take almost all my vitamins individually so I can get the right amounts without getting too much of one thing, and if something seems to be bothering me I can figure out what it is. Also, I can't take a lot of multivitamins because they have iron, and it makes me incredibly sick to take it in vitamin form. In food, I'm fine with it, in pills, it's like having food poisoning.)

Green tea gum = bad things. I don't know about hallucinations, but I felt realllllllly weird that day.

There's a short story by Sheridan Le Fanu called "Green Tea" which he said was inspired by his experience with it. He was isolated in a cottage out in the country, drinking nothing but green tea while he was writing. It was not a good trip. But apparently you have to have a lot of it and practically saturate yourself.

Kooky. I know the packages on the gum and the pills in Japan warn you not to overdo it (whoops), but that's a lot of tea.

I wondered about green tea pills. It seems faster and easier to just drink it.

Re iron--really? Okay, I can see why you'd skip the multivitamins then--tehy are all stuffed with iron. I'm not even close to anemic, so I keep hoping I'll find one with a lower dose of iron. OTOH, nothing seems to be wrong so far with the one I'm taking, so I'll keep testing. I've been trying--and I emphasize the word, 'trying'--to keep steady what I take, when and at what dose so if something does pop up, I'll know why immediately.

So far, so good. *deep breath*

There's something called "slow iron" which is supposed to prevent this reaction, but I've never felt I needed iron pills enough to risk it.

I'm so glad to see you back! I was afraid I'd killed you with my axe (points to icon).

Some people don't like papaya, like say *everyone else in my family*, the wretches. They also don't like cantalope. I buy these super-huge papayas (4-6 lbs) and eat them *all by myself* -- over the course of a week.

*laughs* No, I just finished editing this morning. I have a second draft complete--I have it saved on google documents. Do you wnat it emailed tonight or would you rather just pull it from there? I can authorize viewing so you can get it faster if you like.

It's increased about--hmm, three thousand words or so? There are a some clarifications and changes I made to the text, but I'm not sure it's everything you asked for, but then again, I'm not sure how much or where to add without doing an infodump, so...yeah.

Re Papaya--God, love it, esp with fruit salads. Those suckers are *amazing*.

Email tonight, plz. *wallows in broadband*

And I'm one of the people who wouldn't be eating papaya (given my family's dislike of it) if it weren't so good for the digestive system. So, I win twice: it's self-indulgence, and it's good for me!

Yeah. I take CVS brand children's chewable's with iron. I figure that's about enough. Flintstones look pretty good though.


Papaya pills held digestion.



Papaya enzymes aid in digestion. It kept me from having heartburn at all during my last two pregnancies, and worked better than the tums I used the first time around. Good stuff!

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