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monday! the day of monday

So thought. Walking into GNC, I actually am the equivalent of a wounded antelope on the savannah of vitamins and healthy living among jackals of salespeople who try to sell me papaya pills and more B-complex.

Papaya pills. Jesus.

I somehow--no idea how--got a new thing of multivitamins, and I have to admit, either the placebo effect is really amazing or the last two days, I have felt more energetic and less likely to not wnat to move, sloth-like, from my bed for long periods of time. My credit cards shiver in horror now, because seriously, New Year sales. I want to shop. Which explains why in the last week I have purchased three new pairs of shoes, a large bottle of Lingonberry concentrate (I think?), a new router (rabbit chewed through cord--seriously, do not ASK), two lamps (one for Child! Really! It's colorful!), and controlled the urge to use my Victoria Secret card in inappropriate ways involvign really awesome designer bras.

I lost my train of thought. Right. Papaya pills. Did not buy them.

I actually went in for Siberian Ginseng, ended up getting a three-ginseng and something else and me staring at what looks like powdered leaves in a large gelatin capsule. They also hinted heavily that I was a prime candidate for--I have no idea what it was, but it was in a very large bottle and scared me.

Seriously. Papaya pills?

I think the ginseng is making me slightly irritable? But I'll need to check and make sure. I can honestly state I am *really* energetic, in the vibration state. Not unpleasant, but a tiny bit disconcerting.

Other Things

Second draft of fic done. I am just amazed I actually finished something and even got it beta'ed. Like, a lot. And it has to do it again! Though to be fair, I changed enough and moevd enough stuff around from the first draft that it needs it, to make sure I didn't screw up my own continuity.

More Other Things

Work boring. Send help. Or you know, porn.
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