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It's weirdly cold outside, which is a complete betrayal by our weather man, as I could swear he said warm. I sent Child to school in shorts but did retain enough sense to send his coat with him.

Hating weather people. Bah.


Wham Bam by thete1 Mmm. Porn. Everyone getting laid and enjoying it a LOT. My God. Breathe. And it's TE! YAY!

The Indestructible Truth by Lenore Sequel to Seduction, in which secrets come out and people hurt. Poor Clark. Poor, poor Clark. Well written and a good follow-up.

Don't Ask by Illuferret Her take on Lionel always creeps me out in just the right way. Strange and off-center, and--*shiver*. Lionel scares me anyway, but here? Totally new levels of it

Wish by lexcorp_hope A lovely, lyrical bit of Chloe/Lana goodness. Mmm.

Five Days of Magic and Mayhem by Mobiusklein *snickers* This is just--heh. Funny as hell. This author kills me. Read them all. They're all bizarre as hell.

Not Yet by Ruby, sequel to Promise. Plot, character development, and smutty goodness all in a well-written package. And a LOT of fun to read. I have a bad feeling she's going to hurt me soon, so I'm taking this one with as much optimism as possible. Do read now.


Jenn TMI:

Crampy, gripey, and for some reason beyond my understanding, really--frustrated, though I can't quite nail down the source. I think I'm just tired. Apparently, I am attending a birthday party this weekend. Having just gotten the news, I'm so pleased I was given two day notice and not the one hour notice I got the last time, when all my laundry was in various stages of being washed and I was doing a thorough cleaning of my closet, which is, I'd like to explain, quite the adventure.


Yep. I'm gripey. I shall go look at pictures of Leto and make butterscotch chip cookies. One of my few practical moments, when chips go on sale, I bought. Very satisfactory.

We also gave away a puppy today, Tom, who is large, fat, and so good tempered he edges on torpid. That hurt. We have to, we can't keep six puppies, especially considering their mother's transient status in the area, and other means aren't acceptable, but *sigh*. And Samson's pretty. So damn pretty. Curly fur.


Other Stuff:

Apparently, it's coming on prom season. These things I do not notice, being well beyond prommish things, but a friend of my youngest sister wants to borrow one of my old formals. Because, you know, pack rat? I keep EVERYTHING. Right up to the shoes and gloves. Er, somewhere. Can't vouch for where they ARE right now.


Now normally, I wouldn't care so much--I dno't exactly go many places (read: anywhere) requiring a formal gown, and the dress she wants to use wasn't terribly expensive and is pretty, so deserves to be worn. The problem is, of course, she's roughly three sizes larger than I am, or close enough, and several inches shorter, and the dress is tea-length.. Hmm.

She'll look good in it, though (she has the body to carry off that bodice type top, too, which in all honesty, coming from the Twiggy school of body design, I never could manage), and it seems the height of silliness, not to mention plain selfishness, to be possessive over something I don't need and will never use.


Okay, even for me, this is a vaguely weird entry. Going to go grocery shopping and find some comfort cornish game hens and I saw key limes the other day, soooo…key lime pie. The simple kind with evaporated milk and key limes and whipped cream and gram cracker crust. Which is, btw? Very good.
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