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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
If this is not the one and only thing that could keep people sane in cubicles (other than randomized pen stealing), I have no idea what is.

Thanks to shrift for the link!



I could totally conquer my cubicle far and surrounding state offices with these.

*lusts for toys*

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The thing that actually amuses me most is that the desk catapult is sold out *g* A new reign of geek terror has begun...

...I might have said I wanted to be emailed when more were available.

*winces* for purely aesthetic reasons?

Yahuh. Aesthetic. Historical. *educational* even.

Er. me too?


... I might have said something similar

I'm torn between the projectile weaponry and the laser tripwire. I've worked hard to turn my cubicle into a bunker -- camouflage, hobbit-sized entry -- but ammunition is in short supply since they've been trying to go paperless and cut off my steady inflow of paper clips and rubber bands.

I wnat to move my one foot suit of armor into my cubicle and sit it right outside to discourage people coming by.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
It is an awesome page of joy there.

It may be true that I actually have some of those ;) Also I have lightsabers.

The lightsaber is faboo, isn't it? I might, possibly, have given my husband one of those last year because I wanted to play with myself.

It is! I bought the husband the Obi Wan and the Darth Vader Light Sabers for Christmas, and he loved them so much he ordered the Luke Skywalker one off ebay - and I'm home right now waiting for the UPS to deliver it ;)

My father seriously needs one of those.

I gave musesfool one of the ninja launchers for Xmas. It was a hit.

Thank you, now I know where to look to get my Dad's birthday and Father's day presents. (I might get the ninja catapult for myself because who wouldn't.)

I totally want that catapult!

I'm also craving the marshmallow shooter - just imagine the rain of squishy once I get going)

My very favourite web store. I have the worst time narrowing my orders down to something affordable.

Well, now I know where to start shopping for birthdays and christmases for half of my family. And all of my friends.


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