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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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when fandom is awesome
children of dune - leto 1
Seriously, I wish I was in her fandom. This is a truly awesome person..

For background, here, on a holiday gift exchange gone very, very wrong and some awesome fans making it right. I've been reading it for the last few days, and seriously, I cannot even *write* HP and I was trying to trick my brain into giving me *something* here.

Anyway. Thought I'd share the coolness. The perpetrators frankly don't deserve the attention, but the chick this harmed--and the people stepping up--totally do.

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I saw that, yes, awesome. RR herself is a class act, did you see the link to her response?

For the record? If my xmas holiday exchange gift had landed that way? I might've had a similar reaction (though possibly locked). She had a simple "Fuck fandom this shit isn't supposed to happen" and I totally get that.

Have you looked at the art work?? I swear people hold stuff out till they find the best time to post it. And honestly, I think that if anytime is the best time, it's when something like that happens.

Yay for HP fandom not completely sucking.

She's a friend of a friend and yes very awesome person, from what I've heard about her.

I love the foo <3<3<3

Blink blink. Well... at least there are some people who have a heart. Not really sure what to say, except that I am very glad that I was never a part of HP fandom. I think I'll stick to my (relatively) asshat free fandcom, and be thankful that the poor girl is getting something good out of this whole mess.

I don't often (maybe never) seriously want to see anybody run out of/banned forever from fandum, but the twats who wrote that "story" for the exchange now head a very short list. I'm glad someone's doing a real gift for her.

I saw that too, and I'm really glad she's getting some nice drabbles and art. And I can't freaking believe there are still people defending the little assheads who used a gift exchange to basically throw crap all over a random total stranger just to get publicity.

The stepping up is awesome.


I keep checking the sky for flying pigs. You know the world is ending when the folks at fandom wank are almost unanimously siding with one person and being nice about it. *sigh*

I have never in my life seen a fandom as likely to eat itself at HP. Everyone is so mean to each other all the time. I wish I could say I was surprised at what happened to her, but frankly I'm not. This is a fandom where it's perfectly okay to leave feedback that says "This story was wonderful in every way! Except you are obviously not British and you should have someone who *is* check your work before you post it." In a gift fic exchange.

*hands* I really really, really hate my fandom sometimes, but it's so cool to see people step up and do something nice for once. It's a shame that pairing totally grosses me out because the love and support that's being poured into all the art and writing has got to make it all really fantastic stuff.

I read everything backwards- first I stumbled onto the link with the artwork (from your journal, and those people are amazing), and then onto her complaint/response and finally onto the fic (and the author's note casts everything into a worse light than the fic itself, but the fic did violate everything she asked for).

The 'perpetrators' did apologize though, and retribution was made but the wank that came out of it, and so many people holding onto it even after the apologies and acceptance were made was ridiculous. I think wank in fandom is my squick- it's just so unnecessary, like everyone going on about the new Miss America drinking in rl; I just think does it really matter that much, do the many many comments (not the ones designed to keep the author in fandom) on the subject help?

but thanks to this I discovered my new area of fangirling- the artwork.

Hmm. I agree mostly--but I hate to say this--something like this, I feel, *should* be publicized more, and since all we really have for that is fandom_wank, that's where it'll appear. I mean, honestly, it never would have occurred to me that someone would write something like that for a giftfic, and I think it makes moderators of such things more aware of the possibility--not to mention the things that a moderator should be responsible for. And the perpetrators should be publicly brought to task for it--and at least one of them's apology was, to me, almost as offensive as the fic.

YMMV. Fandom_wank is a controversial topic for some still.

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