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Okay, in theory, I love after-Christmas shopping, becuase ornaments. However. Theory is awesome, fact is not so much, and it only occurred to me when it was *way too late* that the slight morning headache I usually have would build into a marvelously huge afternoon headache and my legs are killing me and I honestly think this must be hwo it feels to have a truck run over you. Except without the blood and etc.

Ibuprofen seems to have taken the edge off. I have this really unfortunate desire to go yell at neighborhood children to be quiet, then throw shoes at them. Considering at this moment there *are* no neighborhood children? This can't be a good sign.

I'm napping. Screw it being five--if I get more irritated with the world, I will seriously sit on the porch and *watch for people to speed* or something, so I can throw shoes. I am in that place of negative moodiness.

Right. This entry is *specifically* for whining. Just, you know, pass on by now while I control homicidal tendencies.
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