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thanks and request
children of dune - leto 1
First--flaming_muse and two anonymouses--awesome profile gifties! *hugs* Thank you so much.

Second--I need a favor.

For those of you that wander the het side of the force? Recs please? Specifically Ronon/Elizabeth, Ronon/Teyla, and John/Teyla. I have a friend who is totally into Ronon but not so much slash, and okay, I am curious. Call it a phase. I know there are really good ones, I've seen them recced, I just don't know what they *are*.

Please? With crumbled cookies on top? Late Christmas present? I'll post fic tonight! NC-17! Okay, maybe not so much an inducement.

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...pretty much everything tielan writes? My reccing brain is stuck on Yuletide -- she's one that inspires my het.

I gave her your Ronon/Elizabeth last night then realized I knew no others!.

It was very traumatizing.


I'm going to keep checking back for Ronon/Teyla links. Het OTP. :(

Yes, she gave me a link to your story (The Modern Man's Hustle) which I quite enjoyed! And I meant to reply to it then and tell you so, but I am terribly distracted by shiny things and so I forgot.

And now I have to go click on all the links you posted up there, because really there is never enough Ronon fic in my life. :D

Yaay and thank you!

Let's see. I love liviapenn's First Contact. It's John/Teyla, and she just did a great John/Teyla vid, also. I second the rec for The Bee Charmer above, that's an excellent story. And I've got a John/Teyla story here: Sojourn.

(Deleted comment)
Of varying quality, but there's:

And Madelyn compiled a list o' stuff:

Of the self-pimp variety, I wrote some... sorta. I call it pre-het:
Oh, and this was mostly sillyfic:

And roundly, soundly seconding the rec for tielan's work. Her To Serve a Queen is a nifty-nifty AU set in the universe of a series of books I haven't read, but I totally love the fic.

Plus she wrote a ship manifesto:

Oh right, To Serve a Queen. I liked that one too. It's got a great version of John, and all the other characters, and some bonus John/Teyla.

stargateficrec has a lot of good recs in every variety, including John/Teyla and Ronon/Teyla. Ronon/Elizabeth is a little thin on the ground all around... I can't believe *I* haven't written any yet. Sheesh. :)

Too dear for my possessing by harriet_spy is John/Teyla though it also has Teyla/OMC. And it has lots of gen team bonding with Ronon, Rodney and John.

Hmmm. The only one I have in my del.icio.us is http://community.livejournal.com/sga_santa/32663.html

There are also some new het and gen stories linked in http://community.livejournal.com/sga_santa/81769.html sorted by genre, but I haven't read 'em yet).

Thanks for putting this post up... I'm going to burrow my way through the links when I get a moment, myself! :-)

My Elizabeth/Ronon fic is here if she watns to check it out.

Three of my four SGA ships are het so she might want to check out my recs. The SGA ones start 4/27 of this year. http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=meret&keyword=Recs&filter=all

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