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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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ye olde spirit of Christmas, or wow, who saw *this* coming?
children of dune - leto 1

I don't even know how to put that into context.

ETA: Crap, deleted. Give me a few minutes, I'll bring caps.

ETA 2: Okay, I have never actually *tried* to cap anything, so these are very large. Anyone want to take and make more readable, go for it.

Maria Confession 1
Maria Confession 2

ETA 3: Okay this should be more readable and all in one image.

Maria Full
Maria Full, lower quality

You know, I don't think that capping is my life's work here. *frowns* That was *not easy*. And no, Ami, I just have my quick saves, unfortunately. I hit refresh! WHY DID I HIT REFRESH?

ETA 4: mskatej brings the comments from the post here

How many ETAs does a girl need? *grins*

ETA 5: Livejournal upload of same as above, for those having issues with the domain. This was an unlocked post when this was capped, in case anyone was wondering. Maria Confession, Livejournal Upload

The journal's deleted now. What was it?

Thanks for the caps. Wow. Is anybody keeping track of the number of times her story has changed to accommodate the evidence that keeps turning up? It needs a system, like with a number for main sockpuppet, a number for any sub-sockpuppets sited as support, and a number for story iteration. Like this would be 1.3.87, or something.

it's deleted. as in the whole journal is.

Got caps. Tell me if they're readable.

LJ says the journal has been deleted. What did it say?

Caps up! It was an admission--mostly. *scratches head*

omg the suspense is killing me.

*snickers* Caps up. Also, icon? Awesome.

Is it an Xmas miracle??

Do you still have the page open? I can talk you through snagit to get some clearer pics.

*sad* no. I just did a quick printscreen/paste.

Well, at least that is closure, which si more than you can say about most wanks. I wonder why she confessed now. Maybe the - um - magic of the season?

Anyway, thanks for posting these, I appreciate knowing how this ended.

It is very, very disturbing. And weird. And yet happy! Like happy things singing happy songs!

Here is my classy exit from fandom: lie #2828, tale of woe, tale of made-up mental disorder, and oh, svmadelyn made me try to kill myself. I love you all, email me, i'll be around pining, clex 4 eva, kthanxbai.

We really lost a good one there, guys.

Actually I think her grammar is just fucked and she meant to say that when things when down hill, she'd tried to kill herself AROUND the time of madelyn's post.

I don't know how to properly cap or anything, but here is maria's response to slashything's comment:

title or description

Oh you rock. Adding link to the main post above.

Hmm. I can email if my domain is causing issues if you want.

I wonder if they're too big to upload directly into LJ?

I do hope she gets help. If she's as young as she seems, she could pull herself out of all that drama and learn to see other people, even electronic people like LJ folk, as more than an audience for her fantasies.

God I hope so. I'm just wondering if this is her way of getting rid of one identity to create another one. *sigh*

Wow, color me insanely not convinced. Whoever she turns out to be does need some help though. And probably some time away from the computer. And a spellcheck. DEAR GOD, a spellcheck.

It does cause a bit of physical pain with that, doesn't it?

So she's a compulsive liar and bipolar and has created a whole other personality, but we're supposed to
A) believe in a suicide attempt and
B) blame Madelyn for the alleged suicide attempt
The mind boggles.

It's just mindblowing how very beyond the galaxy of reality this chick really is.