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The Toybox

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random christmas ficcyiness
children of dune - leto 1
Waffles has acquired a tiny pair of reindeer antlers that he hates so much he actually looked like he might spit. They have tiny lights on the top that lit up bright red. I'm still thinking thoughtfully of the red Santa robe. Hmm.

Tis the season, apparently.


For the random person wandering through in the mood for Christmas stories, my tiny collection:


Happy Little Sounds: Christmas at the Mansion - Logan, Logan/Rogue. Costume smut with added trauma. Or, when I was very, very, very high.


Merry Little Christmas - Lex, Clark/Lex. Trauma by concept of Kent parents. Or, when I was very, very, very bored.

Stargate: Atlantis:

Teacher's Pet: The Christmas Edition - John Sheppard, Rodney McKay. I honestly feel myself slip into a diabetic coma just thinking about it. Tiny John Sheppard at Christmas. Rodney is the weakest link.

Strangerverse: Gingerbread - Sheppard/McKay. Baking cookies.

I find it amusing I have written Christmas stories more in Atlantis than any other fandom. And also all in AU form.

Also, for the terminally bored:


Dealing With the Unexpected - Clark, Lex, Lois, Clark/Lex. *sighs* Okay. Smallville mpreg. I have written mpreg. I can check that off my list. Summary: Being knocked up by Lex Luthor is *awesome*.

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One day waffles will rise up and make you wear a tutu or something.

*sighs* Okay. Smallville mpreg. I have written mpreg. I can check that off my list.

It's so important to have goals, isn't it?

Commented and forgot to log in! That would be the loveliness of of Christmas Teacher Pet then! And Strangerverse, I posted feedback on that one too but rather think I hadnt logged in then either!

Fave bit of Teacher's Pet, Rodney knowing that they all spoiled John before he became a mini John!

Gingerbread was just lovely so warm and intimate, with the hint sadness lurking behind it as you know what lies ahead for them, but in that moment, warm and happy and just together! Loved the description of the tree, in fact I think Rodney must have put up the tree at my mother's house this year!

Rabbit with blinking reindeer antlers. Maybe it's because I just watched Terry Pratchett's Hogfather but this made for a very strange mental picture.

I liked Dealing With the Unexpected. Especially how Lex's place got invaded by people who might try to kill him for knocking up Clark.

Will now go to read the SV christmas story and reread Teacher's Pet. Tiny Puddle Jumper. *sighs in anticipation*

I love you!

Okay, you don't know me, so that's probably a little disturbing. It's just-- someone linked me to your Smallville fics (and I didn't even *watch* Smallville) and I read and read and READ. Everything. And I still don't watch Smallville but I really, really want to. That's how much I adore your writing.

I'm thrilled to see you've written more Smallville. I was despairing that you wouldn't.

I just finished all my assignments for school. Am officially on vacation. I slept for seven hours on the plan, and I'm not hungry. And you posted several fics. Could die of the happy. YaY! It's Christmas time!

Why do I have the feeling that I did not know this Teacher's Pet series even EXISTED?!?! One of my biggest kinks in fanfic and I missed an entire SERIES? And why the hell don't have any SGA icons? John as an EIGHT YEAR OLD!!! I may die in glee.

And lord does the formatting of this comment suck.

It is of the fabulousness and there are many parts and other fic writers have done some bits and Jenn has even done an AU part....

Waffles has acquired a tiny pair of reindeer antlers that he hates so much he actually looked like he might spit.

Could we perchance get pictures of said Waffles? *g* I think he'd look adorable...No pictures of the dummy spitting though, please!

So it sounds like They Call Him MISTER Waffles is gonna have to change his name to Waffles the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Or maybe this will make him an honorary jackalope. *snickers*

Dealing with the Unexpected was a lot of fun and I agree with Clark that being knocked up by Lex Luthor is *awesome* - enough so that even I, who decided I'd never have children back when I was still counting my age in *single* *digits*!!! would change my mind for that kind of service. And that was a totally unplanned pun but makes me want to add that the pampering is an added bonus after, well, being serviced by Lex. *blushes*

::happily digs out my Tiny Seahorse of MPREG YAY! icon::

::points you at my ancient essay on MPREG YAY!::

::moves on from rabble-rousing and poking at the caged writer with a pointed stick::

Ooh, a list of seasonal ficness. Just what I needed. Well, actually what I need is a fusion where Rodney is the Grinch and Radek is Max and John is Cindy Lou Who and - my immediate knowledge of Whoville has been exhausted now, but I've heard a rumor it's gonna be on tv tomorrow night. The cartoon, not the new one. Yay!

Where was I ... oh! but your list of seasonal ficness will do quite nicely. Except ... now I'm starting to remember some rumor about an SGA/Grinch story but - was it actually written or just speculated on....

::eyes my kitties and wonders how they'd look in blinky-light antlers::

::hopes some candid shots of Waffles the Red-Nosed Reind Jackalope make it onto the Web...::

I actually lurk on your site quite a lot as I find you completely hilarious and amusing (all in good ways) so don't freak out when I say that while re-reading the Teacher's Pet christmas special - it made me picture your child in place of John and the glee he's going to feel when he opens the laptop you got him.
And wow that sentence is long.

Thanks for the christmas treats - and have a great holiday.

Dealing With the Unexpected is hilarious! You made me like mpreg -- amazing.


Let me be the first to say congratulations for winning an award at sv_awardz

You can get you banner here


I just read 'Dealing with the Unexpected' and coupled with your other fic with Lois I should lock you up and make you write Lois the whole year!

You have such a great Lois voice! I love it!

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