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The Toybox

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happy snail
Waffles is fine.

Took him to the vet this afternoon after another night of observation in my room, and so far, all is well. The vet ran stool and blood and did a physical, which seems to show no problems. There's a slight liver something that didn't make sense to me, but he mentioned the words possible parasite, so off the blood sample has gone to Dallas. I'm pretty much going to ignore that until I get proof, and am going with a oh thank goodness. He's eating normally and playing nomrally and hating me with all his being, especially since I kept panicing and pushing him to make him run around so I could watch his balance. I did get ten minute bliss at the vet's, when he stayed firmly curled up in my lap while the vet spoke. He was popular, being a lionhead, and he seemed confused by all the cooing.

He's been banned from the backyard, since there's always a possibility that a toxic plant might be involved, though it's unlikely. For now, he can take exercise in the house or in the front yard where there's only grass in his little playpen, since I know the grass is okay. The vet's not sure snuffles was responsible for the first two, but since there were no symptoms on either, it's a toss-up, and we went over food and their environment to see if there was anything else that might have done it. I've been told not to acquire any more bunnies as a partner for Waffles for a few months, which I am in no danger of doing at this point, and to keep him inside and restricted in his journeying if possible for a while. We set an appointment for his neutering next month to get that out of the way. He seems alert and normal, and I'm just so--relieved, I think. Mostly just watching him bounce around his playpen in my room. He's himself, curled up and grooming his toes and being rabbit like and I'm throwing away everything for fear of contamination that wasn't in his cage, and getting all that cleaned, just in case.

So. Yeah. Barring somethign coming back from Dallas, he's safe.

Um, thank you to the people who sent the lj flowers and note. I really do appreciate it, I just suck at saying it. And I didn't want to even really think until I knew what Waffles was going to do. Reggie really--he threw me the worst when it happened. He was my first and he was my favorite and he's the one I knew best, and comparatively speaking, I don't know Waffles nearly as well. And it's weird, with him alone in here when I'm used to mediating between all four, and I hate that cage so much that I want to get an exacto knife and start pulling it apart right now, except it's wet and rainy and I just don't even want to look at it. And I really don't want to talk about this again, so with any kind of luck, this will be the last time I need to update on any pet related problems and go with a future of worrying about carrot size and if changing to a differnet kind of pellet would be a good idea.

Okay, but. Everything's fine. Except I have to clean his playpen again, because he's rebelling against oppression by making a huge mess every so often. Good luck, bunnyboy.

*sends continued good vibes to you and to Waffles*


*sends good thoughts to you and to Waffles*

I am very relieved to hear that. I hope things go smoothly from here on. *hugs*

Thank you very, very much.

*sends many hugs* I'm so relieved for Waffles (and you!), and I wish him continued good health. I know how hard it is. When our holland lop contracted an ear infection that the vets were sure would kill him (they were so sure that they sent us a card with their condolences despite him still being alive), I was worried about him for weeks and weeks after he stopped showing any symptoms. Every time he hopped along or tilted his head I'd be looking for signs. He lived for years more, well past his regular life expectancy, and never forgave me for having to give him oral antibiotics.

Bunnies are such strong little creatures, but they're so sensitive in some ways. Sometimes you just can't help them. I've been thinking of you.

*hugs* Thank you so much.

I'm seriously freaking out Waffles with teh staring adn checking.

Oppression builds character! *nods sagely*

*hugs you*

Very very glad Waffles is okay. Big hugs to both of you. That this happened just sucks so enormously I can't imagine it.

*hugs* Thank you. And tahnks for the note so much.

Jenn, I'm so glad to hear Waffles is doing well, and thinking about you all right now.

{{{more hugs and good vibes}}}


I'm glad to hear at least Waffles is okay, and I'm so sorry about Reggie, Sloppy and Bryante.

*hugs back* Thank you.

I'm glad Waffles is doing okay, and hope he continues to do so. I'm very sorry to hear about the others ♥

Wow, I can't tell you how sorry I am to hear about your bunnies.

I know next to nothing about keeping a bunny as a pet, but I do have a cat and if something were to happen to her, I have no idea what I'd do. I truly believe that like close friends, pets are the family you choose.

I'm glad Waffles is alright, and hope he continues to be so. You're in my thoughts. ♥ ♥

*hugs* Thanks so much.

Two times, I opened an email to you, but I never knew what to say, because words are so inadequate sometimes. I'm very, very sorry that you lost Reggie and Bryante and Sloppy, and very glad that Mr. Waffles is doing well. They can't tell us what's wrong, and when they don't show us, it's the worst thing in the world.


*hugs* Thank you. And yeah. This is pretty much the reason at this time Waffles is getting cuddled and poked every few minutes, just to be sure he's okay.

tickled to hear the good news about Waffles! *hugs you both*

I'm glad to hear Mr. Waffles is ok, even though I now you're probably still a little worried about him. My condolences on the other bunnies; you did your best, hon.

(Deleted comment)
No, no imposition at all. Thank you very, very much! *hugs*