Seperis (seperis) wrote,

mistletoe et al

One--mistletoe done, editing tomorrow, we will never speak of this again.

Right, that's a total lie. Just saying. Gah.

Two--anyone watch Ghost Whisperer? Anyone horrified by realization that one, they really do like it, and two, they kind of see this thing between Melinda and Dr. Payne that kind of makes you want the husband to have a brave, tragic death?

You know, admitting both those things hurts me inside.

Three--there is no three. My fingers are tired. I have to go to a family reunion tomorrow. Someone will ask me questions I do not want to answer. I do not like people.

Four--Child's laptop cleaned, network set up, just need to register it. Bought wireless mouse. The computer even came with a bag. Child may pass out. This is going to be a *fun* Christmas.

In conclusion--Amireal sent me AWESOME COOKIES for Christmas. The awesomeness is overwhelming. Must eat more.
Tags: jenn's life

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