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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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mistletoe et al
children of dune - leto 1
One--mistletoe done, editing tomorrow, we will never speak of this again.

Right, that's a total lie. Just saying. Gah.

Two--anyone watch Ghost Whisperer? Anyone horrified by realization that one, they really do like it, and two, they kind of see this thing between Melinda and Dr. Payne that kind of makes you want the husband to have a brave, tragic death?

You know, admitting both those things hurts me inside.

Three--there is no three. My fingers are tired. I have to go to a family reunion tomorrow. Someone will ask me questions I do not want to answer. I do not like people.

Four--Child's laptop cleaned, network set up, just need to register it. Bought wireless mouse. The computer even came with a bag. Child may pass out. This is going to be a *fun* Christmas.

In conclusion--Amireal sent me AWESOME COOKIES for Christmas. The awesomeness is overwhelming. Must eat more.

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Ghost Whisperer is my new private shame.

And *hugs* yay they're good!

Just a quick comment on #2 above ... I have no shame in admitting I watch and enjoy Ghost Whisperer. Which may just be confirming your suspicions that I have weird/crappy taste in entertainment - though I deny it. And there is some something going on with Melinda and Payne - but I like the husband character and his relationship with Melinda (see, can too have a happy married relationship that's interesting - my opinion, anyway) too much to want him gone, though they tease us about killing him off at least every other episode. But it's a sweet show. I miss her (now dead) antique store partner and which she'd just *tell* Camryn's character about the Talks w/Dead People schtick because the "wacky" misunderstandings there make me cringe.

Er, yeah. I've become invested in this show. And I repeat - not ashamed!


The Ghose Whisperer--TOTALLY UNDERSTAND..yeah, you are braver than me to admit it. *smile*

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