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So huh
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, someone on my flist mentioned the lack of ability to custom filter. They're right, you can't.

Anyone find a way around this yet or figure out where it's located at? I can click "custom" but there's no way to pick your filters.

Huh. Annoying.

Also, for the record: still traumatized, still engaged in heavy drinking, still thinking that the world is a harsh place, still hate this fic so much I want to start it on fire and dance around it naked chanting things. I don't know what things, but I'll surely think ofsomething.

Also, my coworkers are officially on my Give Them Hives With My Mind list. Hives with *peeling*.

ETA: Okay, so it's IE. Now, I'm beginning to feel vaguely persecuted, as not one of these comments appeared in my inbox.

This is totally a day for weapons grade chocolate.

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Weird! When I click "custom" I get tickyboxes with my filter names that I can choose from. Maybe it's a browser thing?

I agree, it works fine for me.

Mine is working the same way as lance_nerd's, with boxes to select the filters. It does sound like a browser thing. (I'm on a Mac using Mozilla.)

My universe is slowly crumbling. I need brownies.

LJ says it's a browser thing. Firefox is working fine, apparently, while IE is not. (Other browsers I'm not sure about.)

Which version of IE are you using? It may be something that works only in IE7. I shall check it out just for professional purposes -- since I use Firefox, I hadn't noticed the problem.

What about using a client? I use Semagic (ljwin32_sema) by preference (after losing one too many posts when the browser died xx) and it has an area where you can create and modify custom filters. Is pretty neat. ^^

Give in to Firefox. Give in to Firefox. My brain makes little meepy noises when it has to go near IE these days.

But, yes, also not getting comment notifications.

I would!


The thing is, the coding on my flist is imperfect and I don't know where the flaw is because I copied this from Isilya *years* ago, so nothing shows up right for me on my flist in Firefox. IE makes allowances for the coding mistake;firefox does not. And I gave myself a serious headache trying to figure out where the break in font was.


This is totally a day for weapons grade chocolate.

Why do I read your LJ? This is why I read your LJ. LOL!

I'm sorry your day isn't quite a joy-filled experience. But thank you for the phrase "weapons grade chocolate". I adore it and will be adding it to my daily phrasebook.

What do you consider Weapons Grade Chocolate? For me that's really good choco chip cookies--or brownies. Even cadbury milk chocolate bars...

Chocolate fudge sundaes are weapons of last resort though. Usually reserved for when i'm peeved beyond all hope of calming down at the idiocy called retail work.

Maybe they've only just fixed it. Now, if you hit "Custom" you get a tickbox selection of your different filters.

And, um, the important bit I forgot to mention: I'm using IE, so it should be fine.

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