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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
Is there music appropriate to writing to a prompt that Satan's Favorite Cheerleader gave you in a Macchiavellian attempt to break your spirit and destroy your soul for Under Mistletoe?

My Christmas wishlist, which didn't exist before right this second, is that one day, God and the Forces of Darkness that SFC (see above) subscribes to will see fit to send her a prompt from the very bowels of hell. And eleveninches too, because I sense through the Force, and you know, the chat window, that she encouraged this atrocity that breaks all the laws of good taste established by God and Man.

I'm going to go cry into my coffee drink now, if no one minds.

One day. *shakes fist* ONE DAY.

random note: interface freaks me out less. Possibly my mindless rage and pain are blunting my once delicate sensibilities, but it seems cleaner. Now if only those pesky database errors could stop.

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Oh, for God's sake! This wasn't about breaking your soul at all! I just wanted some assbabies. Doesn't motivation count at all? Don't you just want to bring a little smile to my face? Don't you care?

And HI. I had my OWN undermistletoe prompt which I FAILED AT FOR MY OWN CHALLENGE AND it MADE ME CRY. Doesn't that count for your wishlist of vengeance?!

I WAS pondering an Mpreg challenge at one point, but I felt in order to really get participants I'd have to widen the field to-- I dunno-- include Mbreasts or something.

it turns out I am not done!


1) You are not embracing the holiday spirit of this challenge and

2) If I wanted to break your spirit you would totally know for sure I was doing it.

Re: it turns out I am not done!

I would like to state that I'm pretty proud of my decision to NOT PARTICIPATE this year. I need my brain intact tyk.

Re: it turns out I am not done!

I dunno. *thoughtful* I think you would take as much joy from my confusion of my suffering as from the breaking itself. You're tricky like that.

*sobbing over MSWord doc*

Re: it turns out I am not done!

My motives for this one were clean and pure, I maintain.

I sent you a song! I am helpful like that. And hey - remember the olden days when you sent me SV fic and I would make cooing and/or happy noises and then you would send me more SV fic and how nice that all was?

See? See? FUNNESS. This time, WITH ADDED BABY.

Couldn't I just send you puppies or rabbit pictures in the mail to make you smile? WHY ARE BRIBES NOT ENOUGH THESE DAYS?

*staring at Word doc and sobbing*

What are bribes when faced with the prospect of assbabies?

I think it is perfectly legitimate to want assbabies for christmas. In fact, I have long wanted assbabies from seperis, and I feel she has simply been holding out on us. So let's just demand that seperis sharre her assbabies with the rest of us in the spirit of Christmas!

Afterall, is this not the holiday in honor of totally incomprehensible pregnancy???

Seperis, you could in fact go for the whole holiday theme and write a virgina assbirth! In a stable! And then the team flees as the evil wraith queen orders the sucking of life from all the first born sons on the planet, after some really naive wisemen from a neighboring system, in exchange for their freedom, offer up the information that an Ancient is born to them this very night, and will be king of the Pegasus Galaxy! (the wisemen get drained anyway, of course)

Damn, now I want a Stargate Atlantis Nativity set.

I somehow knew you'd have my back on this, CJ.


It's an assbaby! hopefully and alien-sex assbaby!

What's not to like?


I just choked a little on the milk streaming out of my nose from the SHEAR PERFECTION of that idea. *flails*

seperis informs me that the bundle of joy (her soty) arrived last night about 2:00 AM after a long and hard labor. She just has to clean up the after birth and she's done! yay, Seperis!

The bouncing nineteen page manuscript is an SV fic, so i think we should encourage her to try again with an SGA fic, as I am desperate to see John handling the virgina birth and exile to Egypt. The land of de nile.


You want fucked up cheerful or fucked up depressing?

depressing. Depressing music.

Hmm *looks through collection* I shall see.

Uploading a rar pack now. I think it just went towards fucked up and/or girlydepressed music.

satan one letter away from santa

I don't know about music, but it occurred to me one of my favorite Christmas movies was Die Hard.

(Well, the Burl Ives-y Rankin Bass Rudolph is the other one, but that has pick-licking.)

(Though, now I am hankering to find my copy of the Venture Brothers Christmas Special.)

Re: satan one letter away from santa

I LOVE that movie. Die Hard is all--you know. Awesome.

Re: satan one letter away from santa

Xmas packing tape makes me HAPPY.

Re: satan one letter away from santa

*lick lick lick lick*


*makes sympathetic noises* I have no music, but know that you aren't alone in having your soul eaten by holiday challenge fic.

I can't fulfil your specific request, but I did just happen to upload music -
http://abbylee.livejournal.com/48285.html - for details.

The interface probably freaks you out less because they've applied a number of fixes since they first implemented it. I wish they figured out how to test this stuff better before they rolled it out without options, but I think they're actually moving in the right direction with this one.

Clex with babies could be nice. Especially since Smallville has killed my hopes for Clex and for Clark and for the salvation or some saving grace (I would take humor or one moment of genuine caring) in Lex. Yes Clex might be soothing...it pisses me off that when the show finally became good it also succeeded in making me bitter and Lex-hating.

Which reminds me- what happened to Landscape of a Thousand Words? I mean if you're already hurting from ass babies, you might as well go onto alternate reality- it might comfort you even.

You're writing MPREG for under_mistletoe?


There *is* a Santa, there is!

So ... who's gonna pop that bun in the oven, and whose oven is it?!

::looks demure::

I didn't encourage it, I merely laughed a lot when M said she was assigning it to you.

That's mean. Friends don't make friends write MPREG.

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