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Is there music appropriate to writing to a prompt that Satan's Favorite Cheerleader gave you in a Macchiavellian attempt to break your spirit and destroy your soul for Under Mistletoe?

My Christmas wishlist, which didn't exist before right this second, is that one day, God and the Forces of Darkness that SFC (see above) subscribes to will see fit to send her a prompt from the very bowels of hell. And eleveninches too, because I sense through the Force, and you know, the chat window, that she encouraged this atrocity that breaks all the laws of good taste established by God and Man.

I'm going to go cry into my coffee drink now, if no one minds.

One day. *shakes fist* ONE DAY.

random note: interface freaks me out less. Possibly my mindless rage and pain are blunting my once delicate sensibilities, but it seems cleaner. Now if only those pesky database errors could stop.
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