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Well. Technically, yes, fanfic

Okay, first, the interface for update is changed and I'm freaking out. Now to the point of my post.

There comes a time in human events where one admits that one has, perhaps, done something very strange to their nine year old budding reptile-lover.

Child has written his first fanfic. *sighs* For school.

For those with a morbid sense of humor, or a fairly good memory of Nightmare on Elm Street, below the cut.

Title: Killvill
Author: Child
Fandom: Nightmare on Elm Street
Codes: Freddy Kruger, Child, others
Rating: PG-13

There was a guy named Freddie Crouger. He killed inasinte (innocent) kids he has five claw. The kids called him freddy couger becaus of his claws. He looked in the newspaper for his article. He put it into his scrap book. You don't want to know why he calls it a scrapbook.

The group-ups (grown-ups) came and killed him but that was the worsst thing of all that's ware I come I'm the only one that lived. I know his weakness is and stranks (strengths) he's hard to kill but I am never going to stop trying. I called all of the kid and told them he's in your dreams.

So we have to get in the same dream and kill him so are you with me the kids said tes (no idea here)dream of good things thats his weakness. Then we started dreaming it was a battle to the death then we kiled him or we thout (thought) we did he said I'll come back for you.

never the end

What is actually making me wonder is a.) when the *heck* did he see this movie? b.) should I start explaining the concept of the self-insert and the Mary Sue now? and c.) what kind of parent/teacher conference am I in for?

Okay. This is so awesome. My nine year old is *writing*.
Tags: child, jenn's life
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