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Well. Technically, yes, fanfic
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, first, the interface for update is changed and I'm freaking out. Now to the point of my post.

There comes a time in human events where one admits that one has, perhaps, done something very strange to their nine year old budding reptile-lover.

Child has written his first fanfic. *sighs* For school.

For those with a morbid sense of humor, or a fairly good memory of Nightmare on Elm Street, below the cut.

Title: Killvill
Author: Child
Fandom: Nightmare on Elm Street
Codes: Freddy Kruger, Child, others
Rating: PG-13

There was a guy named Freddie Crouger. He killed inasinte (innocent) kids he has five claw. The kids called him freddy couger becaus of his claws. He looked in the newspaper for his article. He put it into his scrap book. You don't want to know why he calls it a scrapbook.

The group-ups (grown-ups) came and killed him but that was the worsst thing of all that's ware I come I'm the only one that lived. I know his weakness is and stranks (strengths) he's hard to kill but I am never going to stop trying. I called all of the kid and told them he's in your dreams.

So we have to get in the same dream and kill him so are you with me the kids said tes (no idea here)dream of good things thats his weakness. Then we started dreaming it was a battle to the death then we kiled him or we thout (thought) we did he said I'll come back for you.

never the end

What is actually making me wonder is a.) when the *heck* did he see this movie? b.) should I start explaining the concept of the self-insert and the Mary Sue now? and c.) what kind of parent/teacher conference am I in for?

Okay. This is so awesome. My nine year old is *writing*.

"Mommy writes all the time! I looked at her computer once when she was in the other room and they were SKINNING PEOPLE! It was awesome. I wanted to be like her."

*bland look* You do password protect, right?

p.s. Mary Sues are a right of passage, we all must painfully vomit them from our souls.

My nine year old is *writing*. See, that was my first thought!!!! I don't care what mine's writing...I'm just happy when he shows fantasy and creativity :-) [And I think MS isto be expected for a few more years... *g*]

True. I don't want to stunt his fannish development.

*bites lip*

Oh, bless. better than most bad!fic writers already at that age

I might be endlessly amused by freddy couger and will quite possibly be calling freddy that forever. Just because it appeals to my sense of the pun.

Well. If he is writing fanfic for school, then the least you can do is give him a proper education on it, the land of mary sue and all. Useful for original fiction as well! Plus then the parent/teacher conference can only critique on the 'wtf' aspect and not skills. Gonna do something, do it well I say.

I just--seriously, COUGAR? *dies*

I can see it now. "JENNN WILL YOU BETA READ MY FIC?"

Me: Oh. God.

I think "the kids said tes" = "the kids said yes"

This is awesome!

You don't want to know why he calls it a scrapbook. Dun dun DUN. *g*

oh *God*.

He's already making noise about a sequel.

He looked in the newspaper for his article. He put it into his scrap book. You don't want to know why he calls it a scrapbook.

That is too incredibly fabulous for words! I've read fanfic that has never come close to entertaining me the way that little bit right there did. *g*

I love your child. Also I wonder if Freddie is somehow related to John Mellencamp.


I just. *helpless* he brought it to me and I'm staring at it blankly thinking, oh God, this is how it starts. I have raised a fannish child.

I love the "never the end."

As I do have writing samples from that age, I have to say that is a good sign.

I'm both proud and kind of werided out he's writing about a movie that I don't think he's actually seen.

God. Canon discussions.

You know what? This reminds me of my own attempt at fic. From what I remember there was a new girl whose name was Rowenna and who had jet black hair, sparkling eyes and who was the most popular new girl in school. No, that wasn't me. I was the Mary Sue by virtue of being the anti-Sue who went through trials and tribulations to end up as her bestest friend against all odds. And there was my first (and only!) X-files fanfic where I remember the use of the words "abject despair", "limpid pools" and "abnegation". I think I have successfully blocked the rest from my mind because it would induce too much trauma now. You see why I branched into fanart rather than fanfic? The world should be grateful.

Also, your kid seems adorable. Mary Sueing is something all people should do at some point or other as long as they don't publish it because 10 years later it might be used for blackmailing purposes. And I think he was trying to type "yes" where he typed "tes". I love his "never the end"


*blank* What is that? I like the word. It sounds cool when saying it.\

*grins* He is seriously amusing me here.

Not bad for a nine year old-I agree about it being better than some of the fic I've run across from adults. I think if I had a kid I would rather have him write ernest bad fic than out doing drugs, gangs and whatever other junk there is out there for kids to fall into. You just needs to teach him about the wonders of spell check. Hey-you have a mini-me now. isn't that suppose to be a mark of success?

God, yes. I keep fighting the urge to tell him to go write more and you know, not do anything else. Stupid free will. Gah.

A Mini-Me. How--weirdly appropriate.

Does he read fanfic? I'm wondering, because of the very clear headers. More importantly, does he like writing?

Also, way, way cool :D

I wrote his headers for him for net publishing purposes. He accepts it, but does not quite understand why he needs them.

I think there's *poetry* in this. "Then we started dreaming it was a battle to the death then we kiled him or we thout (thought) we did he said I'll come back for you." That is profound, and I am not joking.

Also, I too am freaked out over the update page changes. Why do they have to change the GUI? I hate that.

*dies* I'm picturing some weird (awesome) sorority type legacy thing eventually, you realize.

It's important that you say good things and good things only in this entry. Because in ten years, when Child is in college and has somehow stumbled across the fact that you're Mom? He's going to have Drama about this. And his own LJ account from which to comment. It'll be your own private family fandom_wank.

*is not at all scarred by the fact that she still has the pillowcase upon which is written out her first poem, composed at age seven*

Ah, the path is clear! When summoned to the parent-teacher conference, you must present this strange and possibly somewhat unamerican plan for fostering your child's talent to the teacher in question: 1) lock up the tv, b) encourage further writing, and c) no censorship.


Could you ask him for me, to tell me three things that happen in the nightmare battle. How two things look. One smell. One sound.


I've done creative writing with rugrats and 'tweeners -- the developing questions as a 'rec' centre thing. *g*

And I'd really like to know.