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sgareview - the tao of rodney, s3e14


Huh. I'm still at the huh stage, mostly because I thought we covered this territory in McKay and Mrs. Miller. OTOH, Ronon and John both got a WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE episode, so really, Rodney was probably due.


Ancients suck. We all know this. They were extremely smart, arrogant, annoying, desperately short-sighted, and self-absorbed to the point of stupidity. Which is intersting in that way that reminds me vaguely of something Star Trekky involving the concept of a baby Q. But to me, their biggest crime was their sheer *lack* of knowing this about themselves. They created a universe and abandoned it when things got rough, leaving the Pegasus galaxy to something worse than slavery and the Milky Way to a armed detente. And they left all their mistakes behind to perpetuate, without seeming to care what would be left behind.

Yes. I may be a little bitter since The Return. A bit.

There's a lot that got on my nerves and a lot I loved, but what seemed superawesome was Rodney's sudden ability to relate to other human beings well. During his final goodbyes, which were awesome beyond awesome beyond words awesome, he also chose his approach to each one in a way that made sense. Radek, professional to professional, boss to subordinate, also friend to friend. Teyla, carefully formal, almost ritual, careful space between them, honoring a tradition she treasured. We talk about John's--er, phobia against touch, but Teyla's not exactly a Touch Me Elmo either, and I liked how Rodney respected that. Ronon is by far the most physically affectionate of anyone in history, so that had the more physical approach, with bonus healing! Elizabeth, respectful subordinate to leader, friend to friend, respect for her position in both his words and his gift. Each one, he gave what they wanted, what they needed to make the connection he wanted, to show them he cared about them, his friends, family, people.

John he gave a problem to solve.

I keep wondering about that. John does not drink tea, does not hug, would be amused if Rodney tried to write a book, and I have this horrible suspicion if Rodney had come in muttering things about their feelings John would have done an amazing dive from the balcony in sheer horror. So John gets to coach Rodney to meditate (blind guy leading blind guy) and quickly muttering "We're okay, right?" and John's affirmative, which is as close as John will ever get to a declaration of emotion without Teyla carefully translating Johnese into English. But that was--their connection. They *fix things* in their different fields. And he gave John what he needed to make that connection--a task, a problem, something to solve and think through, like this is something fixable when he knows it's anything but. And it's not until the end that Rodney starts cracking--which he didn't before, not with anyone else--and John, comfortable in their not-talking about what John is absolutely convinced will not happen, is totally taken aback, being asked to do what he has no idea how to do, which is offer comfort. And buck up probably won't work this time.

I mean, the moment with everyone around the bed broke my heart, and watching John about to cry was absolutely shattering, but that second that sticks, other than John glassy-eyed watching his best friend died, is them facing each other beside the bed and Rodney--who has a passing acquaintanceship with the John Sheppard Method of Coping--wants comfort, from *him*.

In my imagination, in the AU they have really awesome Ascension-inducing sex. *sighs* Or Rodney dies traumatically during, because I am sick like that. And John keeps his claim to only sleeping with Ascended or Pre-Ascended people.

Anyway, liked a lot but did not love, mostly because it felt too short--like McKay and Mrs Miller, actually, with more--I don't know. Rodney needed to *fly*. And use his powers for evil just *once*, dammit, and oh, I don't know. Superpowers! GOD HE HAS SUPERPOWERS USE THEM! How cool is *that*?

Maybe more later. I'm still grumpy, despite a breakfast buffet and my Dillards bear being purchased after work. Grrr.
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