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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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oh woe
hot toddy
The problem with my morning is:

a.) I only slept four hour last night, and least part of that was dreadful nightmares of being at work.

b.) Existence.

c.) A carefully created cup of coffee with ten tablespoons of hot chocolate mixed lovingly into it in my superlarge favorite coffee cup *LEFT BY THE SIDE OF MY BED*.

Do I really need to explain low-grade homocidal tendencies at this point?

And Coke is *not* a substitute. *stares at soda resentfully*

Life hard.

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Existence - that's what's wrong with everything. Let's get rid of it!

Grr. I am *so close* to wandering around telling people to call me Roge and taht I plan to conquer the world.

So. Close.


Watch SGA, that makes everything better! I plan to do the same AS SOON AS IT WILL LET ME.

Could be worse. You could've had my morning. In which I had a severe hypoglycemic reaction and almost passed out while standing on a crowded city bus.

I want Rodney to awkwardly pat my shoulder while we shove cookies into our mouths and commiserate about fainting.

*sulks* fine, fine, fine you win.


Though Jesus, that must have been scary. Did you eat soon after?

I earnestly feel for you about the coffee. I mean -- you get it exactly the way you want it and then you FORGET IT because you haven't HAD YOUR COFFEE YET OH THE IRONY. I haven't been a morning person since infancy. Coffee is a source of great and powerful beauty in my life.

Though Jesus, that must have been scary. Did you eat soon after?

It's happened to me before, so it wasn't scary so much as, "Well, shit, this has the potential to be highly embarrassing." Somehow I managed to stay on my feet and hold onto a handle when my vision went white and my ears tuned into static. Then I wobbled into work and grabbed a big thing of orange juice and something to nibble on from the Au Bon Pain in the lobby.

I'm so totally rewarding myself with SGA as soon as I get home tonight.

Me too. I would just sit down and bawl.

This is why I hitched my wagon to diet Coke. As far as I know, it's available from a vending machine in every building in the world. The only variable is the relationship between the price and my desperation for caffeine.

Don't kill anyone who is likely to contribute happy happy joy joy comments to your performance appraisal. 'Tis the season in our neck of the woods.

*sulking quietly*

Not *yet*. They are still safe due to my inherent laziness.


*drinks Coke sadly*

Resist mightily the temptation to finish the beverage left by the bed when you get home. That can only lead to tears and acid reflux. ;)

I am NOT the only one who has nightmares about work! I thought it was just a weird thing that my mind did only to me. I'm sorry you are having a horrid day. *sends chocolate mocha cookies*

I have dreamed of work--the most boring parts. It's sad when even *dreams* are boring. *sad*

Yesterday was my Day From Heck- you have my most sincere condolences. If I had any appropriate links to share I would. ::hugs:: Here have some leftover Bad Day cake...

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