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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
Two hours.

No shirt.

One cloak, not often used. Lots of twisting around. And moving. Dear God, lots of moving.

And did I mention NO SHIRT? AT ALL?


Well. I give up. Leto and Ghanima are doing it. Oh yes, they are. I'm beginning to get curious about Stilgar and Duncan. Leave me alone! Paul and Duncan--hell yes. Leto is so slashable it hurts. It just hurts.

And dear God that boy writhes well. Just--writhe, Leto. Writhe for me. JUST like that. Oh yeah. Ooooh yeah.

There was other stuff, wasn't there? Um. Clothes, plots, people walking around, murder....

Leto mostly naked. That boy did not put on anything other but some seriously low-riding pants and I love him for it. Okay? Whoever authorized that is My New Best Friend. And all that twinny cuddling. Mmm. Yeah.

*sighs dreamily* I need screencaps of that writhing. It should be immortalized as an icon, dammit.

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My video tape stopped taping at the last ten minutes.

Thankfully, the last ten minutes didn't have anything to do with writhing, but more to do with Ghanima and The Prince of God Could You Be More Cute.

Tell me you're writing slash.


I'm trying! I just keep blanking out on where to PUT it.

Damned missing scene fic....

Put it as one of Leto's spice visions when he was being dosed.

(starts saving money to buy dvd when it comes out)

May! That's sooner than I thought. :D

writhing good....writhing v. v. good. and I can even sorta deal with the skin thing.

btw, cute interview with McAvoy where he talks about running naked. my brain will never be the same.

Hee! I need to go get those downloads.

Yes, that writhing--and he does it so well. Writhe, Leto. Writhe for us all.

Hehehe. You and I have basically identical entries on last night's episode.

No shirt. Shirtless. Guh.


There was other stuff?

*thinks* Duncan walks around looking hot and angry. Leto and no shirt. More Duncan. Leto writhes. Duncan walk. Leto writhes....


Leto walks around without a shirt? Hmm.

Well, I'm tapped for the plotline. *grins*

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