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The Toybox

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lj woes and sad
children of dune - leto 1

So far this morning--in which I got up at the ungodly hour of eight-thirty, on a Saturday--I'm getting a seriously disproportionate number of lj errors when opening a page, refreshing, or posting. Anyone else having issues?

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Me too. Lots of "cannot reply to a non-existing comment" yesterday, and today it's been "error running style" all the time. *kicks LJ*


ETA: I see the comment went through twice - ARGH! Also, attempting to post it, I got:

This part of the database is temporarily down for maintenance. Try again in a few minutes.

God I hate that one. I get that when I refresh either my lj or flist.


Some days I really hate LJ. Every time one thing stops malfunctioning, another starts. Meh. At least my comments seem to be arriving today!

Can't get at cut-tags sometimes, and had to try a couple of times to post this comment. Christ, they're screwing things up again, aren't they?

Try six. This thing is not letting me answer you!

Yes. THey are.

Way too many errors.

*holds a bucket for LJ to puke into*

Yeah, me too. In fact, my flist will only load to the end of the first entry. *scowls* It was fine earlier--like, just fifteen minutes ago.

I'm having trouble just commenting on this, actually. *sighs*

Six trys to answer fatuorum above. Let me start counting here to see.

This is one.

This is two.

I've been seeing these problems over the last few days, actually... thought it was just me...

Sadly, no, but this morning, it's almost every time I do *anything*. Gah.

Yes, I keep getting database errors, or an outright "database unavailable during maintenance," which make it v. difficult to watch for BNF wank.

[sudden thought] OMG this could interfere with the posting of porn. I will have no choice but to do the sort of thing that earns my paycheck. Who works on Saturday and actually does the sort of thing that earns their paycheck?

I am desolate.

Dear God. That's *madness*


I'm getting the [Type function] popup again when I go to my main page, but nothing else...today. The other day, I gave up because the portal was simply broken.

*headdesk* Okay, this is getting ridiculous. We need at least basic functionality here. Gah. Gah gah gah.

Have been for days. Sometimes it takes three goes to post a comment :-(

For me it got better the last days, but was bad before that. Maybe it cycles through servers?

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