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things i totally did not see

There's STILL no reason to write Children of Dune fanfic.

Leto II and Ghanima have no bizarre vibes whatsoever, no matter how much cuddling, finishing sentences, hand-holding, strangely intimate touching, and long, significant, frankly creepy looks they exchange. *grins* Or how canonical that all is. Okay, that's funny. Dear God. River and Simon could take lessons.

I did not see Duncan staring longingly at the Preacher in the market, because he was obviously thinking holy Muad'Dib thoughts, not thinking "PAUL! YOU CAME BACK FOR ME!" but rather, how strange, a man in a cloak bearing a startling resemblance to someone I never, ever considered having sex with at any time, held tenderly after the death of his wife, and was willing to die for. No sirree, not on this desert planet, we did not stare at each other for an inordinate amount of time. Obviously, he didn't marry Alia in substitution for not having Paul.

Also, Duncan is not hot carrying weaponry, especially sharp objects when he is Very Very Angry. I want that stated for the record.

And Leto with that long, slim, delicious body, accent, and smile, is not hot. At all. Nor would I be at all inclined to wonder what kind of relationship he and Duncan have, since Duncan obviously doesn't have a thing for Atreides men. Didn't I already cover this? Stop arguing with me!

Alia is not engaged in quasi-incestuous--oh fuck. That's canon. She is totally engaged in some seriously screwed up mental quasi-incest with her grandfather, who, I want to add, is EWWWWWWWWWWW. However, grandfather does like guys more than girls, so I don't see Alia being at all interested in seducing Leto whatsoever, because, as stated above....

I can't even think how to categorize some of this. If there was, of course, anything TO categorize.

Anyway. So really, no reason. Does ANYONE see a reason?

The book wasn't nearly this much fun. Not that any of this is at all accurate, as I stated.

And dammit, I wanted full body stillsuits!

Yep. Nothing going on here. Move along now.
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