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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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bah humbug
children of dune - leto 1
I will not go randomly pick fights in other lj's just because I'm bored.
I will not go randomly pick fights in other lj's just because I'm bored.
I will not go randomly pick fights in other lj's just because I'm bored.

That's so sad. It's my mantra. i am all in post-drama slump.

So. What is everyone else doing today?

If I said creating sockpuppets, would you throw something at me? *evil grin*

*intrigued* Are they interesting sockpuppets?

L is for lyra_sena, suffocated in puppets.

I really want to do a song to this.

Eating a guava and sulking, because I actually went shopping to get snakefruits.

Is this about the now-extended and wanked sockpuppetry fully of sonograms?

what are snakefruits? *curious*

And yes! It was all drama yesterday! Now, all quiet. Sad. Crashed adrenaline and all.

Trying to put the snowman back into his box, as it were.

I am also bored.

Put the snowman back in his box?

*sighs* Yeah. It's all--quiet out there. *gestures*

(Deleted comment)
I change my mind every five minutes about whether HH is in on it or not. And I'm a totally impartial non-involved observer.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Trying to decide if I should re-read old porn or go in search of new porn. Today sucks.

Dude, there is a reason I hang out at fanficrants.

I think you are smelly and, also? Pru.

Plus you are clearly totally and completely EVIL!!

And smelly!

And so is Mads!

Why go to other journals to pick fights when we'll fight with you right here in the comfort of your own LJ? We're smart people; we can totally come up with a huge wank all on our own.

Oh, you rock. That is what I'm talking about! Personal entertainment services!

faux wank experment



Re: faux wank experment

Oh noes! Not the Bunnies! And I even drew them! I feel so...used.

Oooh, *curious* did something exciting happen and completely pass me by (again)?

Overdosing on Echos, and watching Gretl bathing herself in yoghurt.

(And also following all the drama; I turned on tracking the thing? Brought over 250 messages by now...)

I'm thinking about creating my own huge sockpuppet drama. Now, if I could just come up with a semi-original plot.

Something new and different, yes. Must think.

I had no idea Fandom Wank had a helpful wiki! Someone posted this URL:


Having discovered this, I'm amusing myself by surfing around the site.

Is it not made of awesome? *grins*

It's all unfolding soo soo fast! Why must I have work?

God, I *know*. I am all breathless between this and work!


I'm knitting the border of the front of the sweater I'm trying to get done for my mother for Christmas, watching Season 1 of Hustle on DVD, and avoiding betaing and writing and message-answering and just about everything else. It's pitiful, I tell you.

I'm obviously trying to read things way too fast. At first, I thought you said you were knitting a copy of Hustler.

Which, wow. You'd need some really fine yarn to get that level of detail.