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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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because this is how my day goes
children of dune - leto 1
Greetings. I am introducing you today to a new facet of Jenn's World of Fun and Post-Pneumonia. It is called Oh, those whacky side effects!

I won't count my brand new latex sensitivity, because really, not new anymore.

Point A was Saturday, with the sudden descent of my period. We won't go into details, but boy, was I surprised.

Point B was the lovely vertigo that currently still crops up, which is half my normal body's fault, since my normal blood pressure is just above comatose vegetable, so it was kind of funny, in retrospect, to see doctors staring blankly as my pressure dropped lower while I was in the hospital getting better and worriedly double checking my charts. However, shocking, combine that with three days of anti-coagulant shots, and wow, think I *might* be a little off balance? You would be right. Nurses amused.

But Point C--oh point c, all brand new. Sudden skin sensitivity!

Yes, folks, I'm tired and grumpy and taking drugs that make me jitter and kind of high, and then I wake up wiht most of my neck and shoulders hurting. I think nothing of it! It is but sleeping badly. Ah, no, not when it spreads down one's chest and shoulder blades. No rash, no heat, no bumps, nothing but touching = low grade pain. Called the nurse, who was fascinated, and she sent me to poison control, who was about two steps from coming out here herself with a needle to take samples for the sheer joy of research. No one seems worried, so I'm not worried. You know what I am, though? Uncomfortable.

In other random news:

Had to use inhaler twice at work, at least once due to psychosomatic reaction to breathing the air in there, which tastes weird and dry and not like it should be breathed but put in some kind of box with some sort of ancient Egyptian deity to keep it all musty and such. Everyone kind of wandered around looking at me like a plague victim, so I made sure and coughed whenever it was possible.

Basically, I feel that I'm in a transitional place. This transitional place seems to encourage me creeping the fuck out of myself, which is probably wrong, and I keep wanting to do a long meta post on the sudden proliferation of non-con-but-really-he-means-yes-not-no-even-if-he-says-no slash fic, except honestly, one, it's not sudden or new, two, do I really want to be flamed (that would be a maybe), and three, teh word hypocrite comes to mind when I look back on a few of my SV fics. And four, it'd be like two pages of me saying STOP SQUICKING ME WITH THAT over and over again.

On the other hand, I need something to take my temper out on. And sadly, I no longer have Clark to abuse. My life sucks sometimes.

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non-con-but-really-he-means-yes-not-no-even-if-he-says-no slash fic

See, I have no problem with non-con. But "he really means yes?"

Hrm. Meh. Gagh. *twitches*

And hee, fascinated nurse.

I think Jenn is doomed to run into characters from SGA in real life. Was this Biro or Rodney?

Freaking fanfic Biro. It was *creepy*.

*pets* Well let's hope you don't run into menegle!Carson. *g*

Totally Biro.

"Who cares if she's deathly ill, her physiology is fascinating!"

Someone call Beckett for her, quick.

Yeah, I'm pretty seriously disturbed by any fic where one character's said no to sex but the other one keeps on going, and it's meant to be hot because the non-consenting person's still turned on. But, actually? No, NO, it's just creepy and you know, sexual assault.

God bless you for saying that. I was seriously beginning to feel like the only person left who would be shouting at the story OH GOD STOP TOUCHING HIM NOW HE SAID NO JESUS STOP IT!

Yes. I am SO there. I still remember an HP fic where someone crawled under a desk despite protests and proceeded to blow them while they had to deal with other people. Oh, did I mention he said no? A lot. And loudly? That's like a line to me and I don't care if there's an orgasm at the end.

::hands over homemade punching bag?:::

::hugs carefully, or and picks a fight, whichever would be more helpful::

And four, it'd be like two pages of me saying STOP SQUICKING ME WITH THAT over and over again.

I would totally read that.

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