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sgareview - echoes, s3e12

I was wrong. Happiness can be found not only in chocolate, but in new SGA.

Oh made of awesome.

Ten Things That Made Me Happy

1.) Interaction. I loved the jumper with Ronon, Radek, and John. Loved Ronon sulking hugely and Radek in that truly horrifying shirt and John like, God, why did I agree to fly them? God. That was almost painfully cute. I didn't get to shoot animals! I was running tests! John does so much with expressions that I hate to look away from him for a second, because I always miss something. I got the feeling he had been in a closed jumper with them *way too long*.

2.) Interaction. Elizabeth and Teyla, Elizabeth and Heightmeyer, Teyla and Heightmeyer, Elizabeth and Teyla and Heightmeyer. I don't know if the show is consciously going for that, but throughout the ep, there were a lot of casual and non-casual interactions between the different members of Atlantis, which was really nice to see. People comfortable with each other. People chatting. Family. I approve of the show doing this a lot. We don't need *much*--these bits imply a lot and show plenty.

3.) The John-and-Rodney show. That deserves like it's own *entry*, but there's nothing here that doens't make me squee. Rodney calling John, OMG MY BESTEST WHALE FRIEND SAM IS VISITING OMG COME SEE THIS! I WILL GET MATCHING SPARKLY BRACELETS FOR US! And John THAT BASTARD WHALE TAKING MY BEST FRIEND AND HEY WHERE IS MY SPARKLY BRACELET? Yeah. Like that. But other than my thirteen year old girl reading, I loved that Rodney called John over to check out the whales. Because of course he would. They share all the ultracool things.

4.) Whales. Seriously. AWESOME SEA MONSTERS HOW FUCKING COOL WAS THAT?????????????? I am twelve. Hi!

5.) Them going to look at the whales. John is like FIELDTRIP OMG and Rodney is like YES FIELDTRIP I MEAN SERIOUS STUDY WHATEVER LET US BRING SNACKS! And they're just so *excited*. And John throwing Radek out of the jumper so he and Rodney can go play Seaworld. They totally went ot Sea World as kids and sat in the front row.

6.) John admitting a headache was actually odd--I mean, this is the guy who limps along looking stoic and with gunshots, so my first thought was OMG HIS BRAIN IS EXPLODING. Which seemed to hit Rodney too, with that sidelong look. I loved how John started low grade calm stoic panic when Rodney's nose started bleeding, and then manly less stoic panic when Rodney passed out. Awesome.


8.) I just--I kind of wnat to know how they explain John following Rodney around for you know, completely useless scientific endeavors. A part of me does get that in parts of the city that are unoccupied, of course there'd be a military escort along to avoid, say, setting off more nanoviruses, but--I mean, seriously? Has anyone maybe slowed down and asked why the military commander of Atlantis OMG MUST FOLLOW RODNEY AROUND EVERY SECOND? I think this is where they all just say don't ask, don't tell and Rodney makes up soemthing like John once took a class in something that sounds vaguely scientific and he's needed for important standing and looking hot reasons. And you know, in case of emergency last minute plan of action purposes.

Again, my lj, my slash googles here. Though honestly, do we even *need* them at this point?

9.) Caldwell sulking in the Daedalus. Methinks he is feeling not part of the family. Awww. Yeah. Sorry. You're really not. And you're seriously not getting into Liz's pants. No matter how much you pout.

10.) For some reason, John touching the ZPM was a real high point for me. I've been watching this show too long. There he was, running those strong, competent hands over this gold, glowing rod and all intense and focused, holding all that power between his fingers and--um. Um. Yeah. Moving on.

11.) Big explosion. My favoritest thing ever. *sighs dreamily*

12.) John wandering out to make sure that Rodney's other best friend is getting the hell away already. Oh love. Deep, deep love.


Now, the things that I really actually loved.

1.) Ronon and Teyla in teh infirmary. What, two minutes there, but the closeness, the friendship, Ronon's fear and their just--I mean, teammates and friends and maybe lovers someday if not yet, but he's so in love and it just makes me ache when I see it. I don't think she's there yet, but he is, he has been, and I want to see them do this *right*. So much.

2.) John as he brings Elizabeth into the infirmary. Staring at Elizabeth, then the infirmary, the slow understanding of what's happening, that they're out of time, completely not what he was ready for. Lookign at the first death, his mind already moving, trying to think of something, anything--going to Teyla, that blank horror of knowing he's losing *everyone* and will lose everyone, and Ronon like, Sheppard, you have a plan? Which is like a fucking *knife* because he doesn't, but he's going to get one. And then he does. And it's suicidal, which is completely not a surprise, and Rodney's standing there trying to explain DEATH but again, this is John and like Ronon, he believes, which I bet keeps him up at night someitmes, because why in the name of God does he actually *believe* in this guy? But he does, and they do it.

And they're in separate parts of the freaking *ship*, but they might as well be alone in the same room, because there's no one else there for them, and they aren't toast.

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