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Ask My Fandom Opinion
clex reverence
*sad* This is my last day of leave. Actully, today I was supposed to go in, but I woke up still having problems with dizziness. I have never in my life looked forward more to getting off medication.

But anyway.

Gakked from amireal and cereta.

Ask My Fandom Opinion

Ask me one fandom-related question in the comments. This can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/etc. in general.

Just one question, please, but it can (and perhaps should) have sub-parts.

Question can be as wacky as you want. Ask me about tv shows, characters, fic in general, anything about any of my stories specifically. Whatever you want.

Fandoms: Hmm. Anything I've written in, anything you know I watched.

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(Deleted comment)
Hmm. No. Most of it is I think he'd be a sucky administrator for a colony, which is basically what Atlantis is. It wouldn't be his natural job, I doubt he'd enjoy it and being pulled away from where his gifts lie, but mostly, I don't see him easily in commmand or being able to balance the different groups on Atlantis.

What would you most like to see happen on SGA, that TPTB would conceivably allow?

OOoh. I'd like Atlantis to permanently separate from Earth. Or temporarily for years or something like that, and Atlantis has to fend for itself.

I'd also like my OTP to be canon, but yeah. *grins* Know that is not happening.

John's characterization on the show is so open-ended, it allows for wildly different versions of him in fandom that are all plausible in their own way. If you had to stick to one favorite version of John, what would it be? Either describe, or point to the fic that captures it best.

ltlj or miss_porcupine tend to have, to me, the clearest and most accurate John characterizations in the entire fandom. Any of their fics pretty much conceptualize how I see the character. I'd also go with samdonne as another one that writes a devastatingly accurate John Sheppard, able to balance John as both a person who has some fucked up in his life with someone who is canonically very competent and intelligent. A lot of fandom, to me, puts a lot more value in wahtever they are reading into John's issues than the character himself.

But one story for John characterization--Retrograde by ltlj

Um, okay, for slash. Hmm. Closest I'm going to be able to get is cesperanza, but then, she feels like one of the few slash writers who genuinely likes John. She tends to hit me right most of the time, and even when she doesn't, she's good enough at building the story that I buy it completely while I'm reading it.

Just this morning, I was thinking that two excellent recently released vids ("Maybe Sprout Wings" by harriet_spy and "I am/Lamb" by lim) paint very similar pictures of John, and it's a picture that's proportionally under-represented in fanfic -- but the stories and authors you've listed here are among the ones that I was thinking match it most closely. Interesting.

Hmm. I need to watch those soon then.

It's not that I mind when someoen wants to drag out the character issues--but there's an overwhelming majority of writers who want to make it the entire character. It would be like defining me by my claustrophobia as the only salient personality point. And I get that the angst level is far easier if you start off making your character already screwed up, so it's a lot easier to write a story, but--that doesn't match canon, even a little. I mean, totally go for uberangst, I loev when writers explore, but these days it's shortcutted so much that there's no context--we're supposed to walk into a fic that seems to give the impression that John isn't competent to tie his own shoes and that? Pretty much defines badfic for me, even in the well-written ones.

Oh, the vids have angst a-plenty (much is made of the footage from the Asuran mindprobe), but what sets them apart from a lot of fanfic for me is that John really feels like he's pushing forty -- grown-up, complicated, self-contained. And I'm not sure if that's just inherent in the visuals (you can see the wrinkles!), or if the vidders worked hard to put that reading there, or if the lack of interior access to the character just lets me put my favorite spin on the character, regardless of what the vidders intended.

Ok. I'll probably bore you but I really want to know. How did you approached the Justin character (US QaF) in terms of characterization?

Hmm. Er. You know, I just--watched him a lot. Hmm. A lot of it was trying to keep him from being too much of a teenager, since teh end of season one stripped away a lot of that completely--he could still almost be one? But he wasn't really.

Is there a specific charaterization of any female characters from SGA in fic that you absolutely, positively cannot stand? Or any characters from SGA in general?

In SGA, no. Weirdly, I like all the female characters a lot, and as a rule, none of them are used badly for romantic entanglements, so I can just enjoy them. And now that we're in the third season, I'm comfortable enough in how they're developed that I'd actually enjoy them if they did go that way.

If you were going to crossover anyone from any other fandom into SGA, who would it be and why?

God. So *many*. But I have a strong desire for Jack from Torchwood to come to SGA, because for some reason I really really want him and John to meet. Possibly have sex. By possibly, I mean, definitely.

Jack from Torchwood to come to SGA, because for some reason I really really want him and John to meet

Ooooooh, that's a lot of tall, dark, and smirky. I'll have some of that, please.

Oh, God. *faints* I like your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Jack & John? Together? Wheeeee. Someone seriously needs to do that. You know, there was a "Captain Jack sexes everybody everywhere up" challenge awhile back, but I don't remember seeing anyone write a John one. Which, looking back on it really surprises me. It seems so obvious. :-)

Do you see John Sheppard in canon as:

strictly heterosexual
bi-curious (identifies as het but is open to the possibility of having sex with men or is actively experimenting with sex with men)
actively bi-sexual
bi-sexual but only actively having sex with women
homosexual but not active because of the military regs (or for some other reason that you will generously detail) and faking heterosexuality
actively homosexual but deliberately hiding it (because of the regs or for other reasons) and faking heterosexuality
gay but completely in denial so he thinks he's heterosexual
generally heterosexual but could be gay for a particular person
only really sexually interested in Ancients or other aliens
mostly asexual (there's that whole uncomfortable with touching thing)
something else that I haven't thought of?

PS Although I'm a stranger, I'm sorry to hear you've been so ill and hope things improve for you soon.

PPS I'm in Sydney, Australia, hence the late response.

Re: canon!John's sexuality

Bicurious definitely; mahybe bisexual at some point in his life.


I kind of like the somewhat asexual concept a lot--not that he doesn't like sex, but that it just doesn't come up as a big force in his life often until he gets reminded--like gorgeous Ancients dropping naked in his lap, so to speak.

So apparently, Lex and Lana are having a baby. And you know, were something horrible to happen to said love child, Lex could, like, go all EVIL on everyone's ass. So, maybe I was wrong all these years about the Clark/Lex love. Maybe it *really* is all about Lana. Please, help Obi-Jenn-Kenobi, you're our last hope. Is it really all about Lana?

Did you know seeing clips of that made me cry? A LOT?

deny deny deny deny deny deny deny deny deny deny deny deny deny deny deny deny deny deny deny deny deny deny

*poles barge past pyramids*

You actually *watched* it? You are a stronger women than I. My girlfriend took great delight in telling me about it as a swore and cried.

Oh, Issaro. It pains me to see her mislead you so. THE TRUTH:

5x11 Lockdown
Clip One: Lana is taken hostage and Lex tries to save her
Clip Two: Lex is shot, Lana tries to find something to stop the bleeding
Clip Three: Lex tells Lana about his dream
Clip Four: Lana tells the officers that she'll take them to the ship, Lex tries to stop her
Clip Five: Lana visits Lex in the hospital
seperis (11:33:59 PM): *sniffles*
seperis (11:34:14 PM): Make. IT. Stop.
seperis (11:34:15 PM): NOw.
seperis (11:34:17 PM): Oh God.
seperis (11:34:20 PM): I have changed ships.
seperis (11:34:23 PM): This has never happened.
seperis (11:34:28 PM): I am over Lex/Clark.
svmadelyn (11:34:43 PM): *rolls eyes*
svmadelyn (11:34:57 PM): you can't just change ships overnight.
svmadelyn (11:35:07 PM): you didn't see the rageful fighting and thrusting with Clark and Lex
svmadelyn (11:35:18 PM): which totally is hot in Very Special and Significant Ways.
seperis (11:36:54 PM): But I did. I changed ships.
seperis (11:36:56 PM): Wow.
seperis (11:37:00 PM): Clark/Lex now horrify me.
seperis (11:37:03 PM): Lex/Lana forever!
seperis (11:37:06 PM): More skirtfic!
svmadelyn (11:37:12 PM): Hmm. we're breaking up.
seperis (11:37:13 PM): Please kill me.
seperis (11:37:15 PM): If you loved me?
svmadelyn (11:37:16 PM): we can trace it right to this second.
seperis (11:37:17 PM): You would kill me.
seperis (11:37:19 PM): Oh please.
seperis (11:37:23 PM): You are leaving me for Heroes anyway.
svmadelyn (11:37:26 PM): no, we're broken up, so killing would just tire me.
svmadelyn (11:37:38 PM): you uttered *words that can't be taken back*
svmadelyn (11:37:41 PM): mere seconds ago
seperis (11:42:57 PM): well.
seperis (11:42:59 PM): my life is over.
seperis (11:43:05 PM): *curls up and whimpers softly*
seperis (11:43:06 PM): but you know
seperis (11:43:13 PM): You're pretty much totally responsible.
seperis (11:43:17 PM): I mean, one hundred percent.
svmadelyn (11:43:26 PM): *eyes narrow* Is that so?
seperis (11:43:36 PM): Um
seperis (11:43:39 PM): Who gave me clips?
seperis (11:43:41 PM): And a website?
seperis (11:43:43 PM): And *encouraged*
svmadelyn (11:43:54 PM): I didn't think you were a *flip flopper*

seperis (11:37:00 PM): Clark/Lex now horrify me.

I think I'm scarred for life.

Also, I think sending Jenn clips qualifies you for the Evil Overlord of the Year award. I'm in awe at your evil genius.

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