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The Toybox

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(no subject)
children of dune - leto 1

You know. Even when still restricted to slow movements and knowing that work must begin again tomorrow? Adding chocolate chip cookies really *does* make a day awesome.

Thank you, Toll House.

Though honestly, there is nothing that cannot be improved with a great amount of hot chocolate as well, which huh, I should go make some.

Mmm. Zen.

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The Zen of Chocolate. Amen.

Hot chocolate!! What an awesome idea!

*heads off to the kitchen*

Yeah ... double chocolate cookies! British biscuits suck! Actually that's not true - British biscuits make you choke because they're dry.

*Is glad you have nice moist American cookies, because you REALLY don't need chokey things given your state of health. Nah uh!*

I'm trying to find myself a hot chocolate mix that is as good as that gorgeous stuff I brought back from Canada. No wins so far....

Chocolate is the cure for all ills-

-except maybe chocolate addiction *ummm*

Mmm, chocolate. I've been enjoying my new exotic teas at home nights and weekends, but I have a good cocoa stash here at work...

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