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blah blah boring back stuff
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, short version; I am very, very tired. Um. Yeah.

I kind fo thought of just pasting the email I sent svmadelyn, but like, three quarters of that was post intermediate care, when I graduated into a room with a bathroom and shower. Let's just--never discuss the requiremetns of hygeine in the intermediate care ward. Or the sheer lack of privacy.

Um, short version, yeah, pneumonia. Not super serious, but apparently I'd had it for longer than I'd thought--so huh, *not* an allergy attack of a few weeks. They'd called Tuesday night because my x-rays were inconclusive on something with fluid pockets, which since I didn't have asthma or something, was possibly a blood clot and I had some possibilities for that due to my job and smoking and the fact I'd been complaining about pain in my legs. Wednesday, the albuterol was no longer helping and was directly encouraging some panic, so the nice receptionist at my clinic tracked down a doctor who evaluated and then admitted me to the ER. They transferred me to a hospital affiliated with my insurance in Austin--ironically, I was born at that hospital, so it was funny--and I mean, not fun, but it was nice to you know, *breathe* and know wherever they took me, there was oxygen available and okay, yes, I was totally falling in love with the respitory therapist because that stuff he had me breathing was freaking *amazing*. Anyway, first day was mostly testing for waht kind of pneumonia, antibiotics, steroids, and then cat scan and x-rays and ultrasound on my legs, which is an experience I never want to repeat. There was ruling out and way too many wires and then food. They ruled out blood clots by the next morning, and I'd responded to antibiotics and stuff well enough to be moved from the glass room of no privacy and sponge baths, God, repress now to a regular room on teh same floor, where there was more food and more privacy and etc. Also? Boring. But I had free access to the fridge and so drank a lot of juice and got to wander down the halls in my sad litle gown wrapped in a blanket coughing pathetically.

By Friday morning, they took me off of oxygen and the wheezing had gone down enough that the doctor checked me and stated that I could go home if I felt better, which yeah. Doctor gave me a new script for antibiotics and a new schedule on oral steroids, and then the fun part came of explaining my followup.

So here are my possibilities. I could develop asthma, or something called reactive airway disorder, which apparently mimics asthma during allergy attacks. On the other hand, there might be no aftereffects and I could be fine. You can see why I kind of like, great, let me leave now. Also during visit, they discovered I was sensitive to latex, which I--forgot about? But when I was cleaning and bandaging the IV marks at home, i ended up putting a bandaid on one, which now means my entire right elbow is red and painful, and okay, done with the grumping, but seriously, both elbows are bruised or inflamed and it's annoying as hell since i use them for bending and all.

So my great Thanksgiving adventure. I missed Child. I missed John the Laptop, since htey were clear that keeping personal belongings like that was a bad idea. But mostly, I missed and still miss standign up and not fazing out. I've never felt so--I mean, constantly tired. And I'm falling asleep if I sit down too long. And I can't move fast, and I still have to time my breathing for talking and especially for talking and walking. And none of this is a big deal, and yet it's bothering that I couldn't even make the turkey, but I still got to eat it.

OTOH, tomorrow is decorating for Christmas day, so I get to be given boxes of ornaments to open and hot chocolate, so hmm. Nto too bad.

A thanks again to everyone who offered up their good wishes. Honestly, it was very very cool and all warmth inducing and, well, nice. Thank you.

Also, Boa versus Python is on. This is embarrassing in a very addictive way. Dear God, DH. I mean, wow.

It's wonderful to hear that you're home and doing better. Just stumbled across "Boa vs. Python" while looking for entertainment during the second intermission of the Sharks game, and, yes. Dear God, DH, indeed.

Oh, sweetheart. ::big trembly hug:: I'm SO glad they caught that and that it didn't go into Acute Repiratory Distress, which,while granted your stuff was v. bad, is a much, much worse way for pneumonia to go.

Anything I can do? Write you some nice porn? You name the specs and I'll make you a McShep or something. I know exactly how stressfull and scary this was and am so glad you're okay.

::makes you largest cup of cocoa and props you on comfy pillows::

major illness! always a good time!

i hope for no aftereffects for your poor lungs.

Glad you're back home and doing better.
It's a paradox that when one is sick in a hospital, a strength of some healthy persons is needed to preserve some sort of dignity.
Enjoy the hot chocolate.

*big hugs*

I seriously had a moment of "I left the internets for three days and Jenn was *hospitalized*! Clearly I need to keep a better eye on people!"

and then sanity returned and I remembered it had nothing to do with me.



*clutches you*

Don't do that! You scared us all, I think, with how sudden you went from "feeling icky" to "in hospital". I'm glad (thankful?!) to hear/read you're feeling better.

Also? Boa -vs- Python *bounce* He's so cute, with his hair all, you know, fluffy-ish. OMG he just made woobieRodney face!

I had heard so many times how bad Boa vs. Python was, and yet I was not prepared for how bad it really is.

I'm glad you're doing better, and hope you get the rest of the recovery over with quickly.

Keep taking care of yourself, okay? The falling asleep whenever you sit down means that you *need* that extra rest, so be sure and let yourself get it.

I've done the ultrasound searching for a blood clot thing, and yeah, not so much with the fun. But I'm glad your doctors listened when you told them how bad you were, and that you're on the road to recovery.

Plus, Boa vs. Python! I love that movie - definitely one of the "so bad it's good" cohort.

Good grief, some people will do *anything* to get out of cooking on Thanksgiving.


Take care of yourself and pamper yourself a lot. I prescribe lots of good stuff from Central Market. At least the Mad Thanksgiving crowds will have died down by now.

Yes, BvP is an extreme guilty pleasure, and I looove scruffy!hot!Hewlett madly. It's Tivoing right now, and I'll watch it tomorrow while I get all this work done for my last show of the year I have been massively procrastinating on.

Pneumonia sucks - my Dad used to end up in the hospital at least once or twice a year, and it was no fun for you, I know. I'm so glad they let you out and you're doing better and best of all, are at home.

*majorbighugs* I was worried about you! If there's anything I can do for you, let me know.

And as crappy as BvP is, Scruffy!Hewlitt is totally worth it.

Glad to hear you're home, and will be enjoying the decorating tomorrow. Get lots of rest, drink lots of cocoa, and hope you start to feel a lot better soon.

Well in my opinion the sore elbows is punishment for scaring the crap out of us!!

::hugs you gently::

Glad you're home and well-er.

Ah, pneumonia. I've been there. Only time I've ever been hospitalised, and it's kind of scary if you're eleven.

What I mean is: get well soon!

Watch the mesmerising snake and doctor. It is-- impressive how bad the movie is and yet-- DH keeps you glued there.

*HUGS* I'm sorry I keep falling asleep before I can comfort you in person.