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children of dune - leto 1
There is no reason that I should write Children of Dune fanfic. I KNOW THE DAMN STORY. RIGHT up through Chapterhouse and backward through the prequel by one of the Herbert boys. So really, no reason at all. Seriously. I can't think of a single one. I didn't even LIKE some of the books.

Nor am I at all tempted to start looking into whether it comes on DVD.

Or go obsessively download anything.


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So, I'm not the only one who has fallen into Dune. Also read the books, long ago, and after watching this miniseries I might just have to reread them.

Sigh. I'm such a scifi geek.


I was going to MOCK it. Instead? Pretty visuals and okay, Paul, BAD casting choice, but everyone else was nicely done, so far as I can remember.


I have a horrible suspicion I'll be looking for my books come morning. *sighs*

Doomed, I tell you. *grins*

Curious--which one was your favorite?

Curious--which one was your favorite?

Actor or book?

Right now I'm at the sci-fi website, taking a look see at their Dune site. I have a crush on James McAvoy the actor who plays Leto II, the son.

Was it just me or the scenes with Paul and Duncan Idaho, like slashy?

Oh, as for the books, I believe my favourites were Dune and Dune Messiah. I haven't read the series since I was in highschool, like ten years ago, and tomorrow I'm probably going to be going to the library or bookstore and try to get my hands on those books.

You know, as I watched this I kept thinking Lex would so love this series. The comic scifi geek in him would probably be watching this, with Clark, explaining to our favourite farm boy the political intrigue of the House of Atreides and its similarity to Alexander the Great, and to the Luthor family history.

(Deleted comment)
Oh dear GOD yes.

And I LOVE Paul/Chani, but, but, but...you know, she's in a better place and Duncan's RIGHT THERE Paul, go...

Okay, I'm off to hell. Excuse me.

(Deleted comment)
As long as that's settled....

No, I'm not at scifi.com either. Nope.

I'm so glad I missed this. See, now I can wait until it's out on DVD before I slide kicking and screaming into yet another fandom.

Read all the books multiple times... Give me Agent Dale Cooper Kyle MacLachlan Paul Atreides in a form-fitting stillsuit any day of the week. ;-)

I'm so glad I missed this.

*evil grin* Oh, but you didn't. It comes on again tomorrow. Okay, not Dune. But part 1 of COD, right before part 2. you can't escape...manical laughter

Since I'm the dumbass that hasn't read the books (people react with such shock to this, apparently books with very phallic giant worms seems like something that I should've read in infancy *g*), how are the mini-series doing with the books?

I've got one friend that says that Dune was pretty spot on, but I know that CoD is combining two books into the same amount of time it took to cover Dune itself. Seemed to loose some of that sweeping commentary and go choppy, imho.

There's instances where I really liked Paul, but damn if New!Duncan isn't one hot little bastard. And yay with the slash. And isn't there Crazy Space Incest too? Heh. And poor Chani...so pretty, so doomed.

Oh, and word on the SV connection. Though I've always thought of it in the crazy terms of MR having The Voice and then I go just twisting characters and Houses around to make things fit nicely. Though Lucas would be a really good Feyd substitute, wouldn't he?

But really, can't wait till we get Leto II for real tonight. Bendable (looking) boys are my favourite thing in this 'verse, and ones with accents are even better.

Oh, I so got pulled into the Dune series last night. Damn. That means I'm gonna have to watch it again tonight.

This thing pulled me in and I didn't even like the books. My GOD. Now I have to read them again.

Is it me or does their "We have a Girl Starbuck in our Galactica movie" seem more like a "we put too much slash in Dune, so cannot have any in Galactica" bid than anything?

Not that we won't find a way....

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