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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
I've changed my music playlist to ones that mention breathing. I won't even tell you what the last scene of Crimes Against Humanity I wrote involved, but hey--physical pain and low grade panic? Do not lead to happy furry places of ficness. Let's just--go with that. I'll probably post tonight or tomorrow morning, since I am just reviewing it now for spelling errors.

Weirdly, this has illustrated a weird point for me on moving--I think I'm going to to have to drop the idea of moving to south Austin, because that will put me *way* outside the range of pretty much my entire family. It's kind of depressing, but, otoh, I can certainly find something up here I like or can live with, and it's not like I'm buying it *today*. I can wait until I find something I want to live in.

In other less interesting new, I really really really am tired of the exhaustion now. I mean, seriously so.

Happy fic rec. Because in all honesty, *happyfic*. I *needed this*>

Vertigo by beadtific, All parts here. Oh *happy*. Blessed, pretty, happy, romantic funness.

For kicks, adding in Pure Bodies and Clean Hearts for the cuddly factor.

Also, likethekoschka has posted two parts of a new fic. Oh, happiness.

Um. Rec me your cuddly fic. Atlantis, John/Rodney. Old or new. There's always a better than good chance that even if I've read it? I'll want to read it again.

ETA: Irish cream added to coffee. Mmm.

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I'm sure you've probably read this one before, but here is my go-to fic for whenever I feel crappy:

Proofby devildoll

I've found that Melty!John is an amazing antidote for what ails you. *g*

dude, I almost rec'd that one. And then we went and used nearly-identical icons! Get out of my head! *bats*

Get out of my head! *bats*

Hee! I am a Replicator! *pokes you*

I've had a hand in my head before, as it were.

*lies back and thinks of England*

Little Bear - to quote, "While waiting for my stuff to be beta'd, *superfox* shooed me away by saying "Go write something John/Rodney for me, and make it fluffy"

I took her literally. She's going to hurt me."

Because. Well. You did ask for fluff.

Madelyn has made me realize that I'm a lurker on all but a handful of journals. So to reduce my lurking factor a tiny bit, I say go reread One Leg at a Time by lucitania. Because Rodney without pants! And John obsessed with pantless Rodney! John *talking to Kate* about it!

depends on your definition of happy, i suppose but julad's "thicker than water" and cesperanza's "things to do in denver when you're dead" and astolat's "a beautiful lifetime event" always do it for me.

You've probably read sheafrotherdon's Iowa series, but that fic is totally my happy place. *happysigh*

Well, um, if you want literal cuddles, there's this:



I almost always go and read likethekoschka's Geeks and Goons series when I need comfort fic...but I know you know where to find those ;)

Um, let's see. I'm sure you will have read these, but oh well.

Bell Curve by rageprufrock.

Linguistics by stillane

Scenes From a Lesser War by amireal

Over the Edge and Under the Skin by dvswraatins

That's just a tiny, tiny selction from my stash. The other comfort fic I read time and again because I love it so is called 'Teacher's Pet', by this lady named Jenn, and a couple of other parts written by her mate. You might have heard of it ;)

No Refunds or Exchanges always manages to make me happy. Actually, pretty much everything else she writes too.

or, shorter, less crazy and harlequin novel: Reality by Resonant.

The first one that comes to mind when I need comfort is chelle's A Better Fate, at http://chelle.slashcity.org/atlantis/betterfate.shtml

Hope you feel better soon!

What Happens in the Clubhouse by skoosiepants always makes me smile when I'm down.

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