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children of dune - leto 1

Um. So my lfe took off to the sucky place yesterday. I got up Monday morning still having problems getting full breaths, I'd break into random low-grade fevers, and by noon *moving* was making it impossible for me to catch my breath. In a fit of rare wisdom, I listened to advice and called the doctor. I ended up having to time it so I could breathe to put on pants. So you can imagine waht crap I looked like when I went in. I also ended up needing to borrow an anti-anxiety to calm down, since apparently, I have discovered the face of panic attacks and they are directly linked to my ability to draw a full breath.

Anyway, I got a nice nurse practitioner who sat down to talk to me while I found the ultimate slump of breathability, since I literally could not breathe while sitting straight up. She sat me down on the exam table and proceeded to ask me several times if I had asthma after remarking how hideous I sounded while breathing. Thank you, Miss Nurse. The upshot is, I got a breathing treatment in the office (which I compare to a holy experience in terms of awesome), given scripts for steroids, antibiotics, and a spray bottle of albuterol. Along with that, an over the counter expectorant that for the first time didn't make me throw up--I was drinking it from teh bottle.

This is the first time I've ever been so sick I could not get on my *computer*. I sat it near me so I could touch it, but even sitting up enough to seen the screen of the laptop was almost impossible.

It was a pretty horrible night--I set up camp in the living room with all my drugs, tried to figure out the ultimate way to use the albuterol, becaue I kept hitting my tongue, drank about two quarts of orange juice, and catnapped in twenty minute intervals until I'd shift and couldn't breathe and wake myself up in a panic. And my legs hurt, which was freaky as hell. Weirdly, after my sister got child ready for school, and I fell asleep, I woke up at nine-thirty able to draw deep breaths again. I still can't wander around or get my own orange juice and/or coffee, but in total coolness with the breathing.

NP never said what she thought was wrong, which is disturbing, and said she'd call with info if the x-rays turned up something unexpected, which is fucking scary, but on the other hand, the lab tech that originally gave them the once over didn't act like I was on the verge of dying, nor did the nurse or the doctor who wrote my scripts (I think he wrote them? Do NPs write scripts?) so we'll go to the peaceful place of not worrying. I'm going to hte place I can draw deep breaths.

So um, mea culpa. Next time someone tells me, go to the doctor, I will do it. Because in all honesty, I have no idea what shape I'd be in if I'd refused.

I know, long self-pity, but during the *hour* I was waiting while they consulted on my x-ray? I got a tiny bit freaked out.

Now I'm watching Torchwood. It makes me happy.

*hugs and hugs and hugs* *gently*

Not breathing is the worst. Particularly, like I had a month or so ago, if it's not something you have any experience dealing with and don't understand what's going on. It's scary as hell.

I'm glad you at least a little better now, and I hope everything is okay when the doc/NP calls.

*hugs back* Thanks. I honestly can't believe how *shaky* I still am. I"m still taking xanax every eight hours to keep from totally freaking out about my limited mobility right now, even though ti's ten times better tahn it was at four this morning.

*crosses fingers* So far no calls from anyone. Happiness.

Mercy, woman. You know how to have a spectacularly awful day, indeed. I hope the meds and Torchwood continue to help you feel better.

*hugs* Thanks. Torchwood makes me smile and cough, but only gently.

Hope you feel better. Sounds like bronchitis to me?

It has to be something in that family considering teh medication involved, but she didn't tell me--though honestly, she had me doing the breathing treatment thing and I was too deep in OMGAIR to think to ask. I was kind of suspicious it might be pnemonia, but I think they might have hospitalized me for that, so...

*crossses fingers* HOpefully done soon.

That sounds horrible and frightening! I hope you continue more with the breathing and less with the not. *big hugs*

We've gone through those sorts of episodes with my son, and you have complete and total sympathy and empathy from me; not being able to breath is a very scary thing. I am so glad you're feeling better.

*hugs* Thank you. Still can't do too much moving, but the suffocation feeling is mostly easing.

That's horrible! I hope that whatever it is, it goes away soon. *hugs*

Not breathing is horrible; I've been there and didn't enjoy it. :P Glad you got meds and you're doing better. < hugs >

Thank you very much. *hugs*

Oh, man, that sounds horrible! Glad you're feeling a little better and I hope it goes completely away soon. It sounds almost like some kind of allergic reaction.

Thats exactly what I thought, so I kept buying allergy meds and blowing it off Friday and Saturday and Sunday night. Because God, Austin's *sucked* for those who hate mold the last month. *sighs*

And slowly but surely, yes. Just lots of lying around as still as possible.

*hugs gently* Hope you're feeling much better, and never feel like that again; not breathing is as scary as the Wraith dressed up in clown costumes singing Disney showtunes.

Wow. A truly *terrifying* imagine. *shocky*

And hey, thanks.

I've had kinda-sorta asthma crap since I was a kid (which I continue to blame on the smokers I've been living with all my life). I know of this not-breathing of which you speak. I'm glad you got the good treatments and hope this was just a passing illness rather than an ongoing issue you'll be stuck dealing with indefinitely.

Honestlly, I am seriously impressed with people who can deal with asthma so well at this point--that was nauseatingly horrible.


Ugh. *hugs*!

NPs do write scrips, under the supervision of a doctor.

This worries me though, on the grounds that child was having problems a few days ago. Either you both got some weird respiratory bug, or it sounds like mold in the house. I'd have someone look around for signs of it, or some other nasty allergen (anyone spraying in the neighborhood?) It may be worth getting someone to take a look at your air ducts.

We did have a home check both before teh house was bought and during refinancing, but honestly, I have no idea if that's on the list. I need to check and see what was looked at now, considering.

*hugs back*

Ahhh, albuterol, stuff of kings. I'm so glad you went to the doctor! Whenever I get like that, I like piling up pillows so high that it's like I'm sitting up, and putting the humidifier on full blast. (Uh, if nothing else, boil pots of water and go sit in the kitchen.)

Me and two large pillows and one tiny one to hold my neck at thsi certain angle.

And yeah, teh albuterol is definitely making it easier. She said use as needed, but not to do it too often. *blank look* Teh bottle says two puffs every four hours. Sometimes, I wish for better clarity.


[hugs you]

Yes, NPs can write scrips. Don't worry about all this, just relax and get better.

Sounds to me like you might have pneumonia, which is nothing to sneeze at (no pun intended; sorry), but eminently treatable; and clearly, the treatment you're taking is working, since you are able to breathe again. It also sounds like you're doing all the appropriate things: resting, drinking lots of fluids and taking your meds. As for the panic attacks, I think they're quite understandable -- and entirely appropriate! -- given that they were engendered by not breathing.

I was thinking pnemonia, bronchitis, or the flu, but since she never gave a diagnosis, eh.

I have to admit, I am finding love in xanax. It's just--yeah, even when I was getting really short of breath, it kept me from completely losing it. Very nice.

Not breathing is definitely deeply sucky. (And I know it was bad if you enjoyed a breathing treatment.)


And I hope you feel better soon.

Now, advice you probably don't particularly want, but, hey, maybe my experience can work for you:

The best way to use an albuterol inhaler is with a spacer. (That explains how to use one, but I'm linking to it so you can see the picture, actually.) Otherwise, especially if you're already having trouble breathing, it is nearly impossible to get much of the drug into your actual lungs. You may need a prescription to get one; I don't remember. (But you could just call your doctor and ask for a prescription, if you need one.)

Also, don't forget to rinse your mouth out every time you use albuterol, especially if you're hitting your tongue a lot. (Apart from anything else, this will save you from albuterol-related vomiting, which is always a thrill-packed jamboree.)

And, finally - I never do this either (my statement to my loved ones has always been: "If I'm unconscious, you can take my unprotesting body to the hospital. Until then, no."), but if you're having that much trouble breathing, a hospital visit is probably the wise way to go.

That was actually kind of funny--the chick gave me this kind of sympathetic look and is like, I think you need a breathing treatment and when the machien comes in I'm *lunging* toward it while she gives instructions. I have never, ever been that excited about breathing into a tube, but I'm like, watching the greenish medication bugbble and dreading as it slowly gets less. And it seriously helped, if only for a little while; I was able to walk okay without getting breathless all the way to the car. Awesomeness.

You know, I recognize that; my grandmother has one. That aiming thing is *hard*--I think I got it right once, so I think I'm calling over tomororw to see if I need one prescribed or I an go through the medical supply store and just pick one up.

Thanks so much.