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lanning has released Groundwork, the next in the Identical series!

Seriously, huge news here. Let all fannish business halt IMMEDIATELY so we all may bathe in Lanning-happiness and enjoy this absolutely fabulous AU. And it is GOOD.

I am going to be re-reading this one ALL DAY.

rageprufrock has relased Psychobabble to the SSA, which you know, if you followed along in her journal, it's all raring to go. Excellent story, immense fun.

Mmm. GOOD weekend.

dammitcarl releases Deserted Island, a wonderful Lex and Superman--and Clark--ficness. Wonderfully written in Jessica's great style. Lex tries a fantasy.

Did I mention how HAPPY I am here from this? Seriously, my last few days have sucked so amazingly, but hey. Good fanfic. Pretty boys. Cure for some things.


Quick and belated welcome to thornsilver and fleurbleue to Livejournal! Sorry about the delay. *hugs* I'm so glad to see you both here.


fleurbleue has released two new pics via her LJ, one for rageprufrock's Woo and another for girlinthetrilby's Expectations! Yay!

slodwick's also been busy with covers for happyminion's To Be Beloved and hackthis's A Good Cause. Mmm. Slodwick art involving beautiful stories. *happy sigh*


Erg. Two Paths is stressing me. I'll spare everyone the whining I inflicted on rivkat last night when she made the mistake of asking me about it. *grins* Maybe I'm just out of touch with my inner series writer or something. Seriously, no idea--most of me wants to write out something long and resolve it, but this is--in a bizarre way--not going to work with a proper resolution. I just need to buck up, read all the snippets I have and rewrite the outline. Also conquer a small country of some sort. I don't know which one. Suggestions?

Gah. See the above people? Go there and contemplate their wonderfulness. I have every intention of doing the same thing and drowning my sorrows in egrerious amounts of coffee. Mmm. Coffee.

Me? Addict? Do they have twelve step programs for this? Just so I know what to avoid.
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