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The Toybox

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bored. God so bored.
children of dune - leto 1
Spam Report

The halcyon days of Paris Hilton sex tape and penis enlargement spam seem long over; today, we are trapped with Sam's Health Insurance and random health care spam. That's got to mean something, when sex spam loses out to health spam. Very sad.

Though one weird one tricked me by actually having the pseudonym of a fannish acquaintance. I am bitter.

Note on grocery stores the weekend before Thanksgiving--dear God. Dear, dear God.

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I will inevitably be visiting the grocery store the day before. Wish me goodspeed.

*wince* Damnit I knew there was a reason I should have gone earlier. *curses*

I'll go tomorrow and then do all my other travel prep afterwards. *makes list so she can get it ALL*

As for spam *shivers* maybe all those out of work conservative congressmen got new jobs?

hm, yeah, not so much with the sex spam. at work I seem to be getting a lot of mysterious Russian spam (no idea what it's for) and a lot of 419 scam spam. those are the best, especially when they reference news articles about plane crashes or coups-- usually about the wrong countries (possibly they don't think I know anything about Africa?)

I miss porn spam. At least those had interesting titles, like Twin Sisters Felate Donkey or whatever. Sure, they could give you nightmares, but they were still a lot less scary than health insurance and those emails from banks in Africa (though, there was that hilarious spoof video online about that African bank money one).

All my spam wants me to buy stock. They must not realize just HOW much more willing I am to spend my money on porn :P

I'm sure we could find a way to sign you up for more sex spam. *pets*

We are going on Wednesday, God help us. On the other hand, we're planning to go to breakfast at 6 a.m. and hit the supermarket right afterward, so perhaps it won't be too bad.

Note on grocery stores the weekend before Thanksgiving--dear God. Dear, dear God.

Word. I work in a grocery store. It's been pretty bad the last two weeks- I'm just happy I haven't dropped a frozen turkey on my foot yet- but I'm told by the veterans it's just going to get worse, right up 'til Turkey Day. Then it'll be dead the day after, and quiet for the week. The herds of consumers are kinda scary taken en masse.

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