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children of dune - leto 1

Anyone but me having severe, perhaps one might say, *extreme* reactions of, perhaps, hiding behind a sofa or covering eyes and singing loudly when the new Playstation 3 commercial comes on?

I mean. Hypothetically speaking.



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(Deleted comment)
seriously. that commercial is fucking scary. But so cool at the same time.

Oh yes, cool, in the bright, holy light of day.

But during SPN all--there! JUST THERE!

No, that was pretty much my reaction as well, tempered with a hearty dose of "who the fuck came up with that creepazoid idea?"

YES! Who in the name of God in marketing thought this was a good idea?

(Deleted comment)
Wow, I am so glad I don't have television.

Um, by the way? Were you aware that some rabbits can climb walls??

Rabbits can freaking *teleport*.

But--tell me of your stickyfooted lupines. *curious*

Three foot high exercise pen. Escaped (small) bunny. I suspected teleportation at first, but then I caught Bonkers hanging on the wires with his paws. (He would have looked cute if he hadn't also been silently railing at me for dragging him away from Princess. He ought to have been thankful I didn't let her kick him out of the room herself. She uses teeth.)

I am also told that a 10 or so pound New Zealand was seen climbing up the walls of an exercise pen, and would have succeeded if not for her weight.

Is *that* what it's an ad for? I haven't stuck around long enough to know--I suddenly find a reason to be IN THE OTHER ROOM. (Or, possibly, under a blanket. Hey, I was playing with a kitten, not hiding from an evil doll. No, really. I swear it.)

*smirks* Trust me, totally understandable. I think my rabbits will need attention next time.

Damned straight! Frell! I didn't get it at first, but when that frellin' horrible doll opened its eyes, I was right the frell out of there. AGHHH!


I didn't even see that far. Open eyes = me gone.

Did you ever see that movie "Trilogy of Terror" with the devil doll? That scarred. me. for. life.

The baby thing FREAKS ME OUT. I'm okay with all the others though.

See, this why I'm glad I don't have access to tv anymore.

I hate that freakin' commercial SO MUCH. I would like the Winchesters to protect me from it, please. Maybe curl up in a cozy salt-circle.

Do you remember, years and years ago there was a similarly scarring ad for ... hrm. Some game, don't remember the system. Apocalyptic cityscape, city burning, evening dress draped over a bed and I want to say a parrot? Was repeating the last thing it heard ... or ... something... Okay, all I really remember is that it ran for ages and caused me to fling things at the screen while fleeing the room.

I had to, like, put the mute on and not just avert my eyes but physically turn away from the TV. *shudders* Gah. Why must you try us so, commercial people?

Oh, wow! I am so glad I'm not the only one freaked out by that thing. I really dislike that commercial. It's just so creepy, I can't believe someone approved the making of that add. Ick!

That commercial continues to creep me out beyond words. And that is what the fast forward button on my remote is for. ::shudders::

That commercial is fucking creepy, man. So unnecessary.

Too Creepy - I had to look away from the tv it was so disturbing.

It freaks me the hell out. Seriously. And I deal okay with horror movies and stuff, but that commercial is--*shudders* I don't see how they expect people like us to want to buy a PS3 now. I mean, I don't know about everyone else, but it's not like I want to have a game console capable of bringing a doll to life so it can kill me in my sleep.

You know I hadn't seen that commerical during Supernatural but the message boards on Television Without Pity were complaining over how scary the thing was.

So being the curious person totally lacking in survival instincts that I am, I looked for it online. And found it on You Tube.

....never again!

*shudders* For that ad alone I never ever want to get a PS3. Ever!

It's a seriously creepy, freaky-ass commercial. And the version they showed during Supernatural? They've toned it down from the first version I saw, too.

That doll is just WRONG. Those ads make me never want to be anywhere near a Playstation 3.

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