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children of dune - leto 1
So. I have a real estate agent.

I mean, almost.

There's this place I like to go and surf real estate (http://www.webehomes.com), just to see what's out there on the market and get an idea of real estate prices. Anyway, while surfing the MLS (I do this during long, boring hotline calls. It makes my life just that much brighter) I noted an artist rendition in the area the photo usually goes. Hmm, I said, so went to look. I have a weakness for new condo developments.

It's new, as in, not all the way built, and modernish, with some intersting things going on with the courtyards, and it's--well. It's *neat*. But the selling point is, it's actually on the high side of my price range--at least, the two bedroom one is. Granted, until I get another promotion, I'd be unable to do a single fannish thing, but--wow. I mean, seriously, it's *really awesome*. And by that, I mean, affordably cool.

So I hit the little box asking for more info, which brought Cool Real Estate Guy to ask me if I was interested in seeing it. Which led to pre-buyer's remorse--except seriously, I want this condo--so I said, not that one I had asked about (the three bedroom), but a two bedroom, leading to Associate of Cool Real Estate Guy emailing to ask me to give her a description of what I was looking for and she'd start forwarding me comparative properties.

Link to the Really Cool Place.


I'm leaning toward Plan B floorplan ones, two story, because I like stairs. But the one story ones are about twenty thousand dollars less expensive and some have more total square footage. I've alrady mentally furnished and intsalled the rabbits.

I'm--thinking about this. A lot.

Right. My non-nano boring entry for the day. But still. *Pretty*.

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Ooh, that looks really nice.

I have such envy of those of you who have real lives. Every time I go past a furniture store I see something that would look wonderful in my future apartment ^.^

Wow. Seriously, those are huge, and very cool. Yay!

Very cool, indeed. Real estate is rarely a bad investment (my mom's been a realtor for over twenty years now - downturns in the market do occur, but not frequently) and if you've been pondering a move, getting in someplace new would be very, very nice. So long as there is sufficient space for the rabbits ;)

Trading a couple of cons for a place like that? Do you really have to ponder this? :)

It looks very nice (so much closet space! Breakfast bar!). I'm a fan of the set-up that keeps the kitchen halfway between the living and dining rooms.

*envious because I can afford to buy a home anywhere but here*

Nice layout, but just outside that area crime is pretty bad (a little farther east/south on Riverside/Lakeshore especially). So I would consider that. Traffic also backs up at the light to turn on to Lakeshore at rush hour.

That being said, I did live just a bit farther south of there for several years when I worked for Steve Jackson Games. It's a very diverse neighborhood, and you can eat out pretty inexpensively there.

But if I had any hope in Hell of getting a place, and I didn't work so far north, I'd consider it too. Good luck!

That looks amazing, I would think about it too.
Good luck!

Oh, *that's* what they're building over there. I was over there in August to snag a book from a branch library. Huh. Looks super shiny. Awesome location, pretty condo, nearby library (which is also shiny and new), easy access to Barton Springs and all the cool South Austin places/restaurants/stores.

I like that upstairs layout. The bedrooms don't share a wall with each other or with the bathroom. That's unusual for a space that small.

I would like to point out that the only bone I've broken, I broke when I tripped running upstairs (we'd just moved in, I was excited, and unpacking in an upstairs-downstairs place involved a lot of stairs, and then involved a cast and crutches for six weeks). Also, if you're half as lazy/forgetful as I am, being in an two floor place can lead to a lot of groaning everytime you forget an item upstairs.

(I'm kinda anti-two floor places even though I think they're adorable. Partly it's laziness, partly it's my accident-prone history. Apart from breaking my foot, there was also the time when I was two and half and fell out of a second story window and landed a bare *inch* from the concrete path. I mean, I ony stubbed a two but a foot the other direction, and my broken bone count would be much higher than one.)

Mind you, I'll give them points for the amount of storage it has.

Oh, that LOCATION, OMG!!!


You know, if property values are going as crazy downtown as they are in the rest of Austin, you might be able to make a mint off of it if you decide it's too expensive and sell in a few years. Plus, you know, you get to write off the interest on your taxes, which makes the price a little less insane. *shrugs*

They look really nice but according to the plans the two story is actually a few hundred quare feet bigger the one story ones. Unless I am missing something.

Those look really nice! They remind me of the artists reconstructions of classical Roman villas, with the courtyard and so on. I'm in a "starting to think about real estate" place in my life, too, so it's interesting to see what other people are considering. I hope it works out for you if you decide this is what you want.

Very pretty but according to the square footage, maybe a little small -- esp on the one story. I'd want to see the dimensions on the rooms.

Oh, that does look nice! I love the courtyard.

It does look nice. Luxurious, even. The one bathroom thing bothers me a little, but I suppose it's not uncommon.

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