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So. I have a real estate agent.

I mean, almost.

There's this place I like to go and surf real estate (, just to see what's out there on the market and get an idea of real estate prices. Anyway, while surfing the MLS (I do this during long, boring hotline calls. It makes my life just that much brighter) I noted an artist rendition in the area the photo usually goes. Hmm, I said, so went to look. I have a weakness for new condo developments.

It's new, as in, not all the way built, and modernish, with some intersting things going on with the courtyards, and it's--well. It's *neat*. But the selling point is, it's actually on the high side of my price range--at least, the two bedroom one is. Granted, until I get another promotion, I'd be unable to do a single fannish thing, but--wow. I mean, seriously, it's *really awesome*. And by that, I mean, affordably cool.

So I hit the little box asking for more info, which brought Cool Real Estate Guy to ask me if I was interested in seeing it. Which led to pre-buyer's remorse--except seriously, I want this condo--so I said, not that one I had asked about (the three bedroom), but a two bedroom, leading to Associate of Cool Real Estate Guy emailing to ask me to give her a description of what I was looking for and she'd start forwarding me comparative properties.

Link to the Really Cool Place.

I'm leaning toward Plan B floorplan ones, two story, because I like stairs. But the one story ones are about twenty thousand dollars less expensive and some have more total square footage. I've alrady mentally furnished and intsalled the rabbits.

I'm--thinking about this. A lot.

Right. My non-nano boring entry for the day. But still. *Pretty*.
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