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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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and this is it for my political leanings
children of dune - leto 1
So I'm sitting here, controlling the urge to go re-read cnn and yahoo for more poll data, which is so out of character I feel like someone wrote me wrong.

Which really says I have been immersing in nano too long.

It's just--when we dangled last on this kind of precipice, this kind of change, with each party poised to win, I really didn't know how much we had to lose. There were some things I didn't think would, could be done, and they have been. So we gave up habeas corpus, and we gave up the fucking Geneva Convention and we gave up privacy. There isn't anything that's safe from loss. There's nothing unthinkable, because all of these things were unthinkable, and they've been done.

I think we could survive four more years of this. I know we can. I just don't want to. I don't want to see what we'll become. I don't want to see what we'll have to fight back from. I don't want so large a mess that we need a great person called to fix it, because Christ, can't we just *not* need one for a while? I want--I think it's not even peace really, because I don't think it's possible in our lifetime, with what people are. I just want time to breathe. And I think we deserve that.

It says so much that as a Christian, my own religion scares me as much as any outside enemies. That's what this administration has taught me. I don't know if I ever believed in separation of Church and state before, but I do now, because I can see where we could go, I see where we *are*, and I want out of this place, and I never want to be here again.

I'm not going to read more poll data, or more speculation by analysts, or more propaganda, or more things that make me tense up. No msn, yahoo, cnn, bloggers, hell, I may just curl up and avoid *thinking*. I'm going to vote, and breathe, and hope.

Let the dice fly high.

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I think we could survive four more years of this. I know we can.

I wish I could feel that certainty. I guess it depends on how one defines survival. I think that a significant portion of what it once meant to be an American has already failed to survive, because once freedoms are eroded, restoring them takes much more time and effort than was used to erode them in the first place.

I really don't think that we'd survive four more years of this. Sure, the country will still be here no matter what. It just won't be the country we have now, just as what we have now is not the one we had six years ago.

We have separation of church and state yet we are closer to Orwell's 84 than t any other time. So yes, I hear you and I feel your fear. And it's not just religion it's power and greed without check. Without responsibility.

You know, in the same time I gave my 10 year old step-son my bible to read, and started trying to teach him what God is, because he expressed an intrest, I also listed my religion on MySpace as Buddist. Because frankly, I'm embarrassed to call myself Christian, embarrassed by other "Christians". The Way to God is Through One's Self. I can totally get behind that.

I've started to realize that I need to loudly and passionately proclaim my beliefs, along with my liberal politics, and take back my faith from those who would dirty it.

My flist has been covered from top to bottom for a couple weeks now with really passionate and wonderful commentary about politics. But it's exhausting, and I'm ready for it to be over.

Anyway, no real point in this comment, such as it is, just saying "word" more than anything else. "You're not alone" and "any fic I can rec for you? I have over 200 bookmarked in multiple fandoms *g*"

From an outsider's point of view, someone looking at the USA from afar, but worrying, posts like yours give me hope.

Recently, someone on my friendslist linked to a Harper’s excerpt, “The Christian Paradox” and yes, it is a paradox that non-christians follow more of Jesus’ preachings than so called Christians. If one doesn’t need Jesus to act Christian, then what is the point of religion? Also I recently saw Alain de Botton’s Status Anxiety on my local PBS affiliate and he covers some of this paradox. I don’t know if this is a common topic but I’d be surprised if the American Christian Paradox isn’t already becoming a topic in intellectual circles. It’s just so strange how an entire nation can warp Jesus’ preachings to mean be as selfish and self-centered as you want.

Yes, just everything *yes*. I had to block CNN for awhile, my poor nerves can't take it. And yes particulary to the part about Christianity. Sometimes I just want to scream "You, out of my religion!" It just makes me go ARG.

God. Yesterday I got so morbid that I was going back through my friends' journals, reading everyone's miserable posts in November 2004. Today has been manageable because I've had other stuff to focus on, but tomorrow? I'm going to be so nervous I'll throw up, GOD.

On being publicly Christian

I get the pain...

But I am publicly Christian, and I shove it in the face of the Religious Right whenever I can. I don't want them defining me, and I don't want the world to think that they are what the People of Jesus are. Or, at least, should be.

- Helen

Though I'm now in Asia, I spent the past 12 years in the US and will be watching the election news keenly. I'm with you on separating state and religion as I've seen it swing in extremely ugly ways over here. Though no government (or political system) is perfect, you do have the precious right to vote - so exercise that power for all of us in countries where our votes barely matter....

I hear you. It's going to be so hard to be productive today.

*crosses fingers*

I fervently agree. Where we are now is frightening.

Until this administration and its branches, I was not involved in politics. I voted, but didn't think so much about it or the role of government. Hell, I can easily say I'm not "involved" as are many of my friends, who work for the government, but I sure as hell know and care a great deal more than I did six (four, and two) years ago.

I don't want to see what we'll become.

As what we've already become is indeed unbelievable.

It says so much that as a Christian, my own religion scares me as much as any outside enemies.

Yes, yes, yes. --Though separation of C&S has always seemed like the right way to be. The bombardment of people arguing and making example of the opposite these past six years has been nothing less than terrifying to me. --And that's just C&S.

As soon as I've had this coffee and get dressed, get some concealer under my eyes, Max and I are taking the trip over to Shipman to draw five circles. It'll take me less than a minute. The rest of the day will be long.

I don't want four more years of this either. I'm hoping we don't get it.

I've always been a big proponent of the separation. I just hope our courts see it the same way that we do.

Word. Just... word to what you said, and what everyone else has said. It's FRIGHTENING to think that, much as I love my country? My country's leaders do NOT seem to love me. DOMA, anyone? PATRIOT Act? We as a nation gave up our freedom for the promise of our safety. We lost the freedom, but the government didn't hold up their end of the deal: We are not safer. And I'm tired of them justifying taking even more of our liberty and freedom and making this world MORE, not less, dangerous.

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