Seperis (seperis) wrote,

and this is it for my political leanings

So I'm sitting here, controlling the urge to go re-read cnn and yahoo for more poll data, which is so out of character I feel like someone wrote me wrong.

Which really says I have been immersing in nano too long.

It's just--when we dangled last on this kind of precipice, this kind of change, with each party poised to win, I really didn't know how much we had to lose. There were some things I didn't think would, could be done, and they have been. So we gave up habeas corpus, and we gave up the fucking Geneva Convention and we gave up privacy. There isn't anything that's safe from loss. There's nothing unthinkable, because all of these things were unthinkable, and they've been done.

I think we could survive four more years of this. I know we can. I just don't want to. I don't want to see what we'll become. I don't want to see what we'll have to fight back from. I don't want so large a mess that we need a great person called to fix it, because Christ, can't we just *not* need one for a while? I want--I think it's not even peace really, because I don't think it's possible in our lifetime, with what people are. I just want time to breathe. And I think we deserve that.

It says so much that as a Christian, my own religion scares me as much as any outside enemies. That's what this administration has taught me. I don't know if I ever believed in separation of Church and state before, but I do now, because I can see where we could go, I see where we *are*, and I want out of this place, and I never want to be here again.

I'm not going to read more poll data, or more speculation by analysts, or more propaganda, or more things that make me tense up. No msn, yahoo, cnn, bloggers, hell, I may just curl up and avoid *thinking*. I'm going to vote, and breathe, and hope.

Let the dice fly high.
Tags: jenn's life, meta: politics
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