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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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seriously. don't do that again
children of dune - leto 1

I know we fight, okay? You sometimes load weird and you're not very searchable sometimes, and right, I was pissed as hell about my layout, but you know what? We can get through this.

In other words, lj--in the name of God, don't leave me again.

jenn, still having withdrawl tremors

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*twirls* You are the first new post on my friends page all day

Look! A comment! Posted successfully! Yaye!

and omgICONS!

It's an abusive relationship, I swear. I hate lj right now, so much, and its unpredictable loading and weird maintenance problems and oh by the way it was down all day and then it comes back to me...

And I welcome it with open arms, all "I'm sure you'll never do it again!" and "I love you anyway!" and "Never leave me, never!"

Actually, is there BDSM or dubious consent lj/fandom porn? Because there should be.

The laughing rat? Is like the bestest thing ever.

Well, yeah, now that LJ is back my alter ego is in high spirits again after all. (Of course during the outage it was feeling acute loss, like in the icon to the left...)

Oh my GOD IT IS.


And it didn't even bring flowers to make up for it!

No! Not even a lame box of Russell Stover chocolates from the drugstore!

It just swaggers back in, all "so, hey, I might be back. Or not." And I go "oh! whatever you want! it's okay! I know you didn't mean it!"

just like the bad boyfriend you love so much, but know you should get rid of.

Ohmigod, we so need a support group

I cannot handle this feeling of being cut off from all my peoples. I'm all twitchy


*hangs onto her nicely organized icons*

>em>LJ is down? Not a problem</em>, I foolishly thought. I'll just click on one of those three million bookmarks of stories I haven't gotten around to reading yet, I thought.

And I did. And the first story turned out to be on LJ, too. As did the second, and the third, and the 27th. As did almost every recommendation list I've bookmarked in the last three months -- except for one. Every story on that list was on LJ, too.

Honestly? The migration of fandom to LJ has reached levels of scary dependance. I was reduced to reading stuff on ff.net. I was scared.

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