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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
I've been meaning to upload this forever.

Behold my dorkdom. My new icon. Those are John the One Bear and Shan, both donated by Beth (girlinthetrilby) during my dark, dark time of bear obsession. They symbolize my childish side that delights in childish things....

Such as the Lincoln Logs I encouraged my aunt to get my son for my--er, his birthday. He's enjoyed them and made little piles.

I built a Lincoln Log split level mansion, complete with place to hitch your horses.

I just want to see how many people will click to see.

That is John the One Bear and Shan, larger, who sit on my bed usually and sometimes chat with me. That is a couch, not a bed. I moved them for better light.

Okay, I've edited this three times and this is getting silly. I'm having a not-bad day. A day that started well and went well and is apparently ending well and everything is great. I have absolutely no reason to be so--ambivalent? Something.

But! Bears! Great bears! *hugs to girlinthetrilby*

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I was expecting them to be in front of a cheese arch, like a tourist photo, you know, in St. Louis.


Cute bears!

They are most adorable bears.


I was hoping to see your version of the bear Brady Bunch home. ;^)

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