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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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oh my God it is not even *ten* yet
children of dune - leto 1
Random moment of blind frustration.

Dear citizens of Texas who lack basic reasoning ability:

Undocumented aliens do not qualify for Medicaid. Their citizen children do. If you wish to call me and yell about how we are destroying America (and really, choose the fucking method of destruction here, everything these days is destroying America) by giving Medicaid to undocumented aliens, then please do not contradict me when I say we *don't*.

Two exceptions: labor and delivery and cataclysmic injury, which is so freakishly hard to get that I have never worked a case *nor seen one* worked for the latter.

And if you *dare* start off with "I'm not a racist, but..."

I will so hang up.

Please stop making me try to wipe out the stupid half the human race with the power of my mind, 'kay? Thanks!



I keep thinking one day I'll do an open entry to see if anyone has questions about Medicaid and long term care (elderly) Medicaid in Texas. Anyone interested?

Whenever someone starts off any sort of conversation with "I'm not racist but..." it's a sure sign that the conversation will invariably be rather racist. It's kind of like the "Some of my best friends are gay and I'm not homophobic, but..." statement.

I'm actually interested in learning some more about Medicaid in general if you ever have the inclination to explain :)

I'll pull out my information sheets! I've been meaning to do one on Long Term Care adn QMB, since everyone has elderly relatives, but the sheer amount of information is kind of scary.

And yes, taht phrase *never* ends well. Ever.

(Deleted comment)
once or twice a day, at least one covert lecture. It's--disheartening. And sometimes, extremely funny.

I have the same problem from the opposite point of view. Fellow students are complaining about how mean we are to pregnant illegal aliens, making them have their babies outside.

Me: But they don't! My mom and the hospital have to take care of them.
Them: Nuh-uh, I heard about this woman in California who kicked out, because...

If I hear one more "Nuh-uh" someone's getting slapped.

God. Yes. Makes me want to *slam my head into something* when that happens.

(Deleted comment)
Medicaid is more or less health care for the disabled who have never worked or have worked less than 21 quarters of a year (called SSI-MAO, or Social Security Insurance Medicaid only), children of certain income levels (just called Medicaid), pregnant women of certain income levels (ditto), parents with children at certain income levels (ditto), breast and ovarian cancer at certain income levels (ditto), and elderly at certain income levels who need nursing assistance (Long Term Care), and it is free, for the most part. There are sometimes copays required, but that often depends on teh type of Medicaid, and I don't see a lot of it. Prescriptiosn under Medicaid can have copays.

Another separate type of medicaid covers foster children adn adopted children.

The first group above, SSI-related MAO, has many programs related to it, all Medicaid, but with different restrictions if someone has to get off SSI, for income changes, and etc. It's--hideously complex and frankly kind of terrifying.

Teh second type, which *does* require payment, is Medicare, which is not as fully extensive as Medicaid, has more restrictions, adn currently requires an 88.50 premium payment per month, plus copays to doctors and for prescriptions. It is usually restricted to those over age 65, the disabled on RSDI (basically, SSI for retirment or the disabled who have worked over 21 quarters).

That--is the very very simplified version. It gets more complex depending on case. They don't cover that much of the population.

i'm definitely interested! i'm curious about how the long term care Medicaid differs from state to state.

Finding my info packets! Hopefully today or tomorrow I can type it all up.

I interned for a Congressman from Texas for a semester about four years ago. Without fail, about 2-3 times a week, I'd get a call from the same constituent. He made no bones about being a racist and was instead very proud of his hatred of Mexicans. He wanted the Congressman to start proceedings for seceding from California (or, as my persistant friend would have it, Cal-if-forn-I-AY). Apparently those damn liberals were ruining the country and if they wanted to hand over control of America to those terrorists at the UN, well he wasn't going to stand by and watch. Once, my friend decided to spice up our relationship by calling in to report that Colin Powell was about to be assassinated and I really needed to notify the Capitol Police. I told him I'd get on that and was quite happy to have an excuse to get off the phone.

As it was also my job to write a reponse to every constituent querry that was too crazy or too bothersome for the legislative staff to deal with, I also had to draft a letter three times a week about how our Congressman was not on the proper committee to start secession proceedings, but if it ever came to general vote on the House floor, he'd be sure to keep our constituents' views in mind.

You win for disturbing calls. Wow. That's--wow, irritating. And also weirdly funny. I mean, it does work as a *great* anecdote. *grins*

But. Wow. Yeah. that's *insane*.

I will so hang up.

And if you can avoid signing off with "... and stop listening to Rush Limbaugh, you tool," then you have more composure than I do. Seriously, these idiots aren't getting their misinformation out of their own asses, they're getting it fed to them by an enormous Republican propaganda machine, and I just broke Rule #247 of The Internets by bringing up partisan politics in the journal of someone I don't know particularly well, so I hope you'll forgive me. It's election time -- I'm getting a little het up.

zomg, what triggered this huge "Teh Democrats Want To Give All Your Money To Mexicans!!1!" crap-pile? I am so sick of hearing the Repug campaign ads.

Though one amusing(?) ironic(?) thing has come of it. Yesterday my mom mentioned that the first time she saw [some jerk politician]'s ad she was just *certain* he must be a member of the KKK. I sort of boggled at her, because...

"What? He's so light-skinned I didn't realize that he's African American until your dad mentioned it!"

-Yes. Apparently hate politics has the power to make any minority person an 'honorary' member of the KKK.

*Lovely* - A little logic & less hysteria on the topic would be so welcome.

Bad here in FL with the "OMG taking JOBZ!!" Meanwhile, the citrus rots on the tree, as many good citizens don't seem to be lining up to be pickers. Interested to see what happens next harvest.

Fortunately, we'uns is finally building us a big ol' fence to keep out those Medicaid-scarfing illegals. Once it's done, we true Amurrc'ns can finally reclaim all those primo jobs in domestic service and migrant agricultural work that have been denied us for so long.

and lawn maintenance! Especially in the summer with the heat index at 110 for days on end, it's an extra special priviledge to work in lawn maintenance and get paid mucho bucks!

I still have trouble with the math tho, as I understand it, the US/Mexican border is about 2000 miles long and the fence is 700 miles - doesn't that leave a few loopholes for them job-stealing illegals to crawl thru?


I would definitely be interested. My mom is retired, beginning to show early signs of Alzheimer's (oh god), lives alone, has some money saved up for long-term care but no health insurance AT ALL - she hasn't had insurance for at least 20 years. I know this is going to be an issue, and soon, so any info you have on Medicaid and elderly care in Texas (she lives in Waco) would be really really welcome. (She's 63 and probably not eligible yet? Although I admit I am shamefully undereducated about this.)

Somehow, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if those people didn't know that the children of illegal aliens when born on US soil are US citizens.

Me thinks these people need to read up on their federal law.

This reminds me of the substitute teacher who complained to a friend of mine about my students getting the extra attention of a dedicated English as a second language teacher:

"It's just that I think if people are going to move to this country, they should learn to speak English."


"Yes, HELLO! That would be my WHOLE JOB! Although apparently elements on the school board agree with you since I'M ONLY PART TIME."


Doncha love it!

(Are you still taking the NaNoWriMo plunge on November 1?)

maybe they think they should just get those language nano-bots from Farscape injected when they cross the border and then they'll be able to magically speak and understand any language!

tra-la, problem solved. ;)

I did *not* mean to do that. Sigh. Let's try again...

I have no RL need of it -- I leave halfway across the world from Texas -- but if you ever feel like making this post, I'd think it would be interesting to read anyway. Government programs explained by someone whose job doesn't involve PR! Where's the bad?

(Deleted comment)