Seperis (seperis) wrote,

on a saturday afternoon

I had a sort of schedule yesterday. I decided, today? Is my writing day. One thousand words, three hundred minimum devoted to some sort of nude activities.

So far I have:

1.) Looked at the shortcut to Word. Okay, that's a lie. I haven't looked at it at all. But right now, I am thinking about doing so right after this entry.

2.) Watched YouTube. For. You know. Jon Stewart, God help me. God help me.

3.) Made a sandwich. It was frozen, so more accurate, I defrosted a sandwich, and then warmed it up and ate it.

4.) Closed youtube after umpteenth viewing of That Vid.

5.) Looked for new music.

6.) Listened to it.

7.) Thought about the deeper meaning of it.

8.) Read six lj entries for content and style. Read SPN fic. Read SPN RPS fic. Re-read SPN fic I hated the first time around to see if I hated it still. I do. Revelation indeed. Next I'll try this in SV.

9.) Considered my ethical obligation to rec a fic by an author I severely dislike. Considered the fact I was actually thinking in terms of 'ethics' and 'reccing'. Thought I should get out more.

10.) Made chocolate coffee with the cocoa svmadelyn sent me. It's very good.

11.) Read all my mail. Even the credit card offers. Even the thing from SSA.

12.) Looked at my badfic links in my Favorites Folder. Considered doing a word count on this one story. Thought maybe that I couldn't claim insanity.

13.) Resisted the urge to start a sockpuppet army. Cause man, it's not like we don't have really good directions now to do it.

14.) Remembered I'd told Madelyn that the day I snapped I'd do just that, and having her as my biographer would be--wow. Seriously. The convos she has saved. she showed me. One had fifty variations of penis. I totally dare all SV fen to guess what we were talking about.

15.) Started this entry.

Um. So. What are you doing? Hey, is it time for Unpopular Fannish Opinions yet? I'm not sure I have any new ones.
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