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how youtube changed my life
another frog
I am unable to stop watching Jon Stewart clips from youtube.

Okay, most of it is I kinda wanna have his babies. Which is new and kind of frightening (as after Child was born, I considered self-tubal ligation with a scalpel while waiting for my coneheaded little alien to be handed over so I could mull the fact I'd given birth to something with a misshapen head, imagining the nicknames he'd be called--in my defense? I'd had something resembling a panicy moment during early labor and you'd be surprised some of the things I'd order people to do while they commented positively on dilation, so they gave me something in my IV to make me less--er, likely to reach for something sharp to make my point) I was going somewhere with this.

Yes, so want to have his babies. So I'm obsessively watching and thinking, God, why did I isolate myself from politics? Keep in mind this isolation has occurred since my teens, when I declared my major--that would be political science. I like theory. Theory *pretty*.

This is new, this weird fascination with the world. Actually a trend set up since the entire Miss Scribe AKA The Great Sockpuppet Army of One, The New Afterwords, which amused me, but also made me wonder how often this happened in people who aren't fannish's blogs. And I ended up learning about political sockpuppets--I think I ended up emailing link after link to svmadelyn, giggling hysterically, because honestly, there is nothing sadder than a political candidate sockpuppeting from his campaign headquarters and then claiming IPs proved nothing, but still. Which led to this whole universe of "pretexting" (the Hewlett-Packard databroker thing) and then I ended up reading cnn and yahoo watching for news, which just goes to show? It is not healthy to get interested in teh real world. It is very depressing. Have you noticed this?

Though I admit, it was more depressing that some of these places couldn't spot a sockpuppet at fifteen feet and one incredibly freaky set of strange coincidences.

Right, Jon. Youtube is making me happy. go back to wahat you were doing. I'm off for the rest of the afternoon and contemplating how nice my toenails look. Oh yes. Lounging. Good stuff.

ETA: Stewart/Colbert "I Touch Myself" fanvids.

I really have no words. I do, howver, have to watch again.

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Do watch his hour long interview on c-span, should be online. Love the man.

YouTube is my new favorite site, I've found more vids (the real band vids, not the fan made ones), more interviews, more clips than anywhere else..it really can be addicting, and the sad thing, I swear I only go on there about a quarter of the time I could.

Yes, Jon Stewart could have as many babies as he wanted - many are willing. *g* He makes it possible to cope with the icky things in the world, especially politicians. It was such a relief to find him saying out loud in public all the things I think quietly in my head. Believe me, there are worse obsessions to have. ;)

I have repeatedly kicked myself because I met him in 1989, before he was famous and before he was married and I totally failed to hit on him.

Is there any way to save a vid from youtube to your hard drive?

I second this question. Because I have dozens of vids saved to my YouTube "favorites" and I have never actually watched a vid on YouTube. What with the whole websurfing-from-work-with-the-speakers-turned-off thing, and the never-bothering-to-hit-the-site-from-home thing.

And then I would ask for a link to the Stewart/Colbert fanvids.

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