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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
God. You know you feel like shit when your comfort music is the Lion King soundtrack.

...then tears fill your eyes as you consider how this song personifies the eternal love of John and Rodney.

I have been more ashamed? But not quite like this.

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Which song? Hakuna Matata? *g*

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

There's this bit? Mentioning a kaleidoscope? That was totally the stargate moving moment.

Yes. I know. I still want to see a vid to this, dammit.

So is the Circle of Life really the Wheel of Fortune?


*starts laughing* It could totaly be a metaphor for the gate.

...Do you have the original of Circle of Life? I have the Broadway version. It is not the same. I crave, in black, deeply ashamed ways.

*hopeful* Think you could upload, if you do?

Yeah but unfortunately prolly not tonight-- or till tuesday actually.

Leaving for a trip, if I can get my braincells together to start the upload I will.

I, um. I have it. There's no excuse, really.

The ciiiiircle - the circle of liiiiiiife - BOOM!

*glee!* I mean, um. This will be very useful for a...project, of sorts? I certainly won't be listening to it for personal reasons.


Of course not. I mean, obviously, that's why *I* have it. For a project.

...actually. Have you ever considered Rodney as an avant-garde super-smelling genius that comes up with a revolutionary (and peer reviled) theory of smell and one who writes alternatingly scathing and beautiful reviews of perfume? Because I have, as I was reading The Emperor of Scent, a nonfiction book about the ins and outs of the perfume industry and the backstabbing academic publishing circles.... But seriously! There is an entire SGA AU in this book.... The genius in question (grudgingly Luca Turin, and not McKay) goes to Russia! And is amazed and enthralled by science and sees *music* in his theories.... I am ashamed, but strangely enthralled....

But yes, I recommend the book; it's a fabulously dishy "science" non-fiction by Chandler Burr that reads like fiction. With really cool science stuff.

Oh my god, I love that book.

I'm always trying to get people to read it, and they just look at me like I've lost my mind.

Okay, I've heard about this recently somewhere. Where did I hear about this?

Now I'm imaginging this and it's amusing me.

john just cant wait to be king.

*smirks* He totally is. Elizabeth as Simba's dad never stops being funny.

You have not yet considered, in full seriousness, making a Logan/Weevil vid to What Is This Feeling? from Wicked. Be comforted.

(Also? My comfort music is The O.C. soundtrack. *shamed*)

When I spilled pepsi on my laptop, I went out and bought season 1 of the OC and mainlined it.

I didn't sleep anywhere but the couch. Because at that point we didn't know if it was fixable and I was BESIDE MYSELF.

Oh wow. That's--well, that's *close*.

Remind me to send you my shame song of never admitting I have it. It makes me cry to know I connect with it.

Have you considered perving UnderageJohn in an attempt to prove that 2 dreadful wrongs make a sick but satisfying right....?


*smirks* That is not the worst idea I've heard.

I um. found it very romantic. When I was around 12. I mean, "Can you feel the love tonight" is a romantic song. Ah, the days when Disney did not suck.

This fits perfectly with the mellow mood I'm in. Ah, love.


*tries to think which Lion King song could personify their love*

*actually knows the entire Lion King soundtrack off by heart*

*is possibly more shameful than you*

Oh my god, 'Be Prepared' could be a chilling monologue of Rodney's evil plan to take over Atlantis! We enter at the point where Rodney is detailing his evil plan:

Rodney - *waves hands over Ronon's face - "It's clear from your vacant expressions, the lights are not all on upstairs - but we're talking kings and succession! Even you can't be caught unawares!...A shining new era is tiptoeing nearer -"
Ronon - "And where do we feature?"
Rodney - "Just listen to teacher."

And singles John out as his willing (oh, so willing) slave accomplice!

Rodney - "I know it sounds sordid, but you'll be rewarded, when once I am given my dues, and injustice deliciously squared -" *throws John bottle of lube* "- be prepared!"

Ah, I am tossed back to seeing the first preview for The Lion King where my brother insisted that it ought to include such toe-tapping numbers as "Top o' the Food Chain".

"The Lion King" is not so bad, try "Toystory"!

"You've got a friend in me" is totally John and Rodney's song. And John is totally Woody and Rodney Buzz... it is creepy, my childhood movie, turned slash!

(Well actually I think that happened when I saw "Toystory on Ice" I men Woody and Buzz *ice-skating* there was not a lot left for the imagination...)

Damnit now I want to draw crossover art... where Elizabeth is the Shephardess and Cadman is the Cowgirl and Carson can be the scared T-Rex...

You are bad influence! (But I love it...)

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