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halloween theme
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, all giddy with joy and all, let's all share horror now. In honor of Halloween, rec your favorite horror fanfics--and by horror, I do not mean the Krycek licks his newborn baby clean or the ones that made us contemplate sporks in more than a theoretical way. If there are enough, I'll divide up by fandom and list them out here--seriously, giddy, I'm glowing! And doing things!. Title, author, fandom, link, rec. If you've written one, pimp it!

Okay, here are two I'm looking for.

1.) Zombies, SGA -- John is the only one left in Atlantis, people are possibly being eaten, Rodney's shambling around outside, John's thinking about giving up.

2.) Vampire AU, SGA -- set during Rising, convo between Vampire!John and Elizabeth. Done for a flashfic challenge, maybe? Within last six-seven months.

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One of my favorite horror fanfics (and one of my favorite fanfics in general):

"Owl Eyes," by troyswann (SGA, John/Rodney):


When I grow up, I want to be able to write stories this scary. *shudder*

(Great idea, btw!)

*seconds this enthusiastically*

I'm cheating and linking you to my rec lists of horror and horror-themed stories.

Back in August, I did a themed rec list for "8 tales of terror" with all SGA/SG-1 stories:

I also have a horror filter set up on del.ici.ous (all SGA) at the moment:

And one for slow reveals, which is a favorite, favorite story structure of mine, with the whole 'dawning realization' thing happening:

I do not mean the Krycek licks his newborn baby clean

OK, you got me with that one, so um, ewwwww!

I remember reading a bit of the zombie fic. Will come back to see if someone comments with a link, I'd like to read it.

Oh, the first one has to be Sistinas by Jennghis Kahn.

The second one. I think it's Cry Havoc by kitsune_tsuki?
Written for svmadelyn's 'Cuff 'Em, Vamp 'Em, or Just Make 'Em Come Already Kink and Cliché Multi-Fandom Challenge'.

Oh, yeah, that's the one. I just read this the other night.

Two SGA fic, both by scrunchy.

1) Boogeyman. She wrote this for Mads' Badfic challenge, and the prompt was Ancient Cereal Killer. Utterly creepfying.

2) Emily's Baby. She wrote this for the reel_sga and it's based on Rosemary's baby, and after reading this, I didn't want to be in a locked room with the Atlanteans.

i second your vote for emily's baby. man, that was effective.

(Deleted comment)
*nods fervently* I have them uploaded to my palm to re-read. In broad daylight. At work. Because the last time I read them, it was at night, at home and my back was to a large, unshaded window. *shudders*

There were sounds in the stairwell. Something soft and broken, moving with slow persistence. Shambling and clumsy. Jim heard the liquid splats as pieces sloughed away and were dropped on the steps or smeared across the walls. Darkness nuzzled against the windowpanes of the loft as the soft thing on the stairs kept climbing. Squelching wetly. Jim could hear other things too. Because he was the Sentinel, right? And that meant he could hear everything, everything. Sirens screaming all over the city, the sickeningly elastic sound of the tendon in Sandburg's right ankle.

And in the stairwell, the burbles and squeaks of air moving through a spongy, rotten windpipe, rattling across vocal chords that were as brittle as autumn leaves. Something was trying its damnedest to say something. Maybe it was even trying to say something to him

(from unsleeping)

Holy shit. That's just amazing writing. So visual. Wow.

One of the scarier (and better) SGA fics I've read is The Call of the Traveler by linaerys. Can you believe she'd never read any Lovecraft when she wrote this?

the story that's creeped me out the most is witling's here comes a candle. btvs, gen, features xander & spike, sometime around season 5, probably? it's sort of relentlessly, inescapably skin-crawly. i made the mistake of reading it the first time in the middle of the night.

another creepy one, also btvs, set mid-season 7, is skin deep, by Doyle. it's also xander & spike, also gen.

i know i've read some great sga horror, but i suspect it's all being linked already.

I just want to echo the rec for saffronhouse, particularly her Sentinel/SG-1 crossovers Lovely and the sequel Tatters.

Lovely long horror-filled stories.

There was a multifandom zombieficathon earlier this year. I wrote a Star Wars fic with zombie ewoks. (Heh! Very PG, though.) My favorites from the ficathon were Republicans End the World... Accidentally (West Wing) by storydivagirl, Gore and Order (Law & Order) by chaosmanor, and It's Not Hiding If Everybody Knows Where You Are (Supernatural) by apocalypsos. (Isn't 90% of supernatural fic horror?)

Keiko Kirin wrote a wonderful SG-1 "Daniel becomes a vampire" story -- Hunger.

One of my favorite LOTR RPS writers wrote two wonderful slashy zombie apocafics: Deathwatch and Twenty Eight Days Later.

Cocytus by eretria and murron.

It and "Owl Eyes" (already mentioned) are my 2 favorite creepy SGA stories.

Krycek licks his newborn baby clean

Please, please tell me you made that up.

Cocytus is one of the most intensely eerie things I've ever read. The tension just builds and builds in your spine as you read.

*makes tiny squee noises of joy*

Zombies! I know!


Untitled, by 20th c Vole - John and Atlantis = OTP.

Failsafes, by Luna - How many times can you do it again?

Sistinas, by Jennghis Kahn - The zombiefic you wanted.

Firefly: Big Damn Zombies, Sir" by Shrift. Zombies!

Good Omens - Slouching, Forever, by torch - Lower Tadfield doesn't change much. (summary stolen from torch.

X-Men - Something Biblical, by trollprincess - Movieverse. What if Magneto had succeeded at Alkali Lake?

Definitely Sage's Through Midnight Rain, Question Me Again (SGA). It's actually a Christmas ghost story that's spooky enough to span two holidays, I think. Also, the author created some really interesting culture for Sateda, especially regarding their beliefs surrounding death.

Lanning Cook's Little Company, part of her True Minds trilogy (Sentinel) is another ghost story that gave me goosebumps. I don't remember if the other parts of the trilogy were Halloween-worthy, but this part surely is.

I know I've read some terrifying Supernatural fic but their names escape me at this obscene hour (time for bed!).

Um. I have to ask: is there REALLY a story in which Krycek licks his newborn baby clean? Is it an mpreg? Can you offer a link to the horror...?

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