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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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OMG JOHN! (the laptop)
children of dune - leto 1

A very nice man at PPC called and asked if I wanted repair or replace adn then said the magical words "I have it open in front of me right now". At which time I obsessively called back until i no longer got a busy signal, confirmed replace, and asked, in a tremulous voice--"Can--can I pick him up today?"

Seriously. Tremulous voice here.


So you know, the short term insanity is ended, and I will, God and John willing, be curled up with John today and never let him go again.


SGA zombie fic. That really amazing one, with only John left and Rodney out there somewhere staggering around and eating people. John pov, dark, really creepy. Come on. You have to remember this one.

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And it has made me so happy that you call your laptop John, despite all of the angst you're going through. It's just nice that someone cares about him so much, the poor dear.

*hugs him hard* Soon. soon he will be safely home.

(Deleted comment)
thank you!

And oh. Dear. *sends warm thoughts* I hope he's okay!

I know that fic. Really creepy. Just can't remember the title or the author. :(

God, me either, but i remember being so creeped out.

Yay! John is coming home!

*breathes* And none too soon. Me and brian were *having issues*.

Aha, it was all because of me because you got the call right after I gave you the picture and...um...well, basically it's because of me. But yay! Getting John back! And the story is Sistinas by Jennghis Khan (!)

Somewhere, John just sighed happily and snuggled into a warm, broad, back.

Awesome. I'm so glad you'll be reunited soon.

Yay John!!! I'm so happy for you. :-)

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