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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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*rubs hands together* Poll! About Halloween!
children of dune - leto 1
I'm trying to think of something Halloween themed to write for--um, well, Halloween. And Stargate. And you know, soothe my immense anguish at the absence of John. Who I dreamed about last night.

God. I'm turning into one of those creepy people, aren't I? Next will be the love poetry and Unbreakable Vows to inanimate objects. I'll just--you know. Try not to compare/contrast there.

Until recently, I never really understood The Addiction of the Poll. They make them so easy to do!

Poll #852933 Halloween!

What Dark Forces Should Atlantis Face?

Evil Ancient Priestesses!
Other -- I have a brilliant idea!

For the vampire, I was actually thinking of taking off of my QaF fic Colder in My Skin just for the hell of it. Plus, it already has dismembering and blood sex, so honestly, how much fun would *that* be? Also, I have this sick thought of Rodney and Teyla hunting John across California and the southwest, cause he's *team* and they miss him and they're terribly unhappy he hasn't joined up. Later, sex. Lots and lots of really messy sex. Possibly involving John restrained while they logically explain the lifestyle. With their teeth.

Also, someone did an amazing zombie one--God, where *is* that fic? And honestly? I cannot compete with that.

But poll! Yay!

Hmm. Poor John. He'd be gibbering in the corner.

I like this idea. Must hmmm more.

They already *have* vampires to worry about.

But musesfool's idea? WINS.

Yes, but not cool vampires who offer sexual favors and massacres and fun bondage!

Though point. Hmm.


I hate clowns. They seriously terrify me. Please?

they don't do much for me either, esp after that ep of Supernatural. Just. *shivers* And poor John!

(Deleted comment)
It is pretty and violent and there are bloodbaths! Sometimes literally.

*bites lip* With Linus slaughtered in the pumpkin patch?

Ok, so your thought changes everything and I am now in full support of vampires.

It's a pretty image, isn't it?

*happy place of John bondage*

Shiny poll!

Ooh, I was going to vote for zombies, but your vampire idea is SO good. That would be a great halloween fic ^.^

There is porn! Scary, bloody porn! Always of the good!

(Deleted comment)
I am so close. I keep shaking a fist at Brian (my desktop) and telling him he will never be as wonderful as John.


I am in full favor of the thought. Please think some more.
Teyla and Rodney chasing John is something I can really get behind. Even if they're vampires.

Also, some lounging, Entanglement(part 3) John for your computer!Johnless time, here: http://ileliberte.livejournal.com/4744.html

That? That is *awesome*.

*breathes* Oooh yeah.

Themselves. Someone plants the idea in their heads that unnamed others are out to get them, and it's reenforced by random systems going offline, whispered speculations that stop when others come in the room, supplies going missing & being found in odd places, weapons vanishing or being sabotauged. Slowly they start distrusting everyone... (yeah, I've been watching the TwilightZone.)

Ooh. *interested* I wonder if I could pull that off in a short story.


Evil Ancient zombie clowns. That would rock. Also. I love your idea of Rodney and Teyla persuing and converting John. Also, the idea of Ronon as a vampire will keep me warm all day.

Vampires, vampire clowns, vampire zombie clowns... But there can only be bondage!team!sex when it's just vampires, otherwise John won't be able to function ever again. 'Cause, you know. Vampire zombie clowns are only hot in theory.

John would never come out of catatonia. *Ever*.

It is somehow comforting to know that I am not the only person who immediately thought "Zombie Clown Ancient Priestesses."

*chokes* god. that would be...God.

I'm in the middle of reading a Rodney-as-vampire story now. It's quite adorably funny. Part one is here:


However, there does not yet appear to be any porn in it, and the tenor of the story feels somewhat g-rated, so I think I'd like (make that "love") to see your take on the vampire genre. With John as the vampire!

ooh, yes, I think I read that one--but you know? Cannot hurt to re-read a few times.

Colder in My Skin is one of my favorite stories ever, so I am completely in support of your thought. The thought of Vampire!Rodney and Vampire!Teyla hunting John across the southwest, should not make me so happy, but it does. It really does.

Oh, it should make you happy! all that condensed hotness and obsession and stalking....


right. yes.