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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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okay, totally awesomeness
better than cookies
I don't even know how to classify this. In an attempt to ease me through laptop withdrawl.

Laptop Blues - I mean--seriously. I have the best friends ever. Original by jade_dragoness, then she and amireal really went to town.

“My laptop.” John said desperately, “It‘s on the Daedalus. I need your help getting it back.”

*giggling and giggling*

God. Seriously. I will be re-reading this for the rest of the day when I need a lift.

*hugs them both* Seriously. You rock.

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*eyes you*

This morning my laptop was afraid of me.

*pets it soothingly*

On another note:

*makes faces at you*

It was alarmingly entertaining.

And a final note:

*buffs fingernails*

I think we did indeed reach a new level of awesome.

Ooooh yeah. NEW LEVELS

Oh, we so did achieve something new and amesome at the same time. *gloats*

The really really moving part of all this is now I totally want to read a story where John and Rodney get together and their two laptops get together and now I want femslash!laptop!porn and I'm just going to be over here weaping into my fic which does not have tentacles in it and never ever be clean again.

Thank you all.

It was a beautiful SGA/RPS/inanimate object slashfic.

Seriously. How does one even characterize it?

*huge grin*

*smug* That was shade of fun. Femmeslash laptop!porn crossed over with SGA is a first in fandom I think.

*eyes you* See the sort of things that happen on your LJ when you're not around. *nods*

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