Seperis (seperis) wrote,

post-John blues

God. I've been reclinging for so long I forgot how it feels to sit straight and chat. This is hell, isn't it? John is in infidel hands--I so did not see deep love and appreciation of John's specialness, and oh God, they said MONDAY. Monday!

I seriously won't survive the weekend. My back hurts already!

Okay, anyway, if you are svmadelyn or anyone I usually use trillian with--okay, there is no trillian on Brian and I don't remember my yahoo password, so I'll be on AIM. Sad on AIM. I went to the grocery store, bought cookie dough, and ate like, five spoonfuls of dough adn like, six cookies. I have never understood the power of comfort eating before.

There is something to this. I need ice cream added. Maybe brownies. Hell, sugared lard. Yeah. I'm in that place.

Also? This keyboard feels weird.
Tags: jenn's life, my relationship with electronics, svmadelyn
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