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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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post-John blues
children of dune - leto 1
God. I've been reclinging for so long I forgot how it feels to sit straight and chat. This is hell, isn't it? John is in infidel hands--I so did not see deep love and appreciation of John's specialness, and oh God, they said MONDAY. Monday!

I seriously won't survive the weekend. My back hurts already!

Okay, anyway, if you are svmadelyn or anyone I usually use trillian with--okay, there is no trillian on Brian and I don't remember my yahoo password, so I'll be on AIM. Sad on AIM. I went to the grocery store, bought cookie dough, and ate like, five spoonfuls of dough adn like, six cookies. I have never understood the power of comfort eating before.

There is something to this. I need ice cream added. Maybe brownies. Hell, sugared lard. Yeah. I'm in that place.

Also? This keyboard feels weird.

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Go to the website of John's manufacturer. Look at pictures of John's model. It will ease some of the pain. You can even print the pic and hold it close.

I'm horrifyingly tempted. Just to cuddle him again. I need to take pictures of him to carry around in my wallet.

God, I need more cookies now.

Also, search your house for surfaces that feel similar to John's casing. Close your eyes and stroke the substitute surfaces whenever your need becomes particularly violent. Physically assault anyone who scoffs.

I've had both of the laptops I've owned inthe shop to have the DC jack fixed at one point or another, and I'm about to have to take my Toshiba *back* to have it fixed again. I feel your pain....

*coughs* You know...this is to make you feel better.
When John ran into the lab looking wide-eyed and more panicked than Rodney had ever seen him, Rodney damn near broke his neck diving for cover.

He huddled behind a lab table, wishing he worn his gun to fight off whatever enemies where right at John’s heels.

“What are you doing?” John asked.

“Taking cover?”

John‘s head popped into sight, still looking worried and tense . “From what?”

“Nothing…apparently.” Rodney stood up and scowled, “Why did you run in here like a horde of winged monkeys where after you?”

John‘s expression grew even more distraught which made Rodney‘s heartbeat double.

“What?! What?!”

John‘s voice was choked, “I left Jenn behind.”

Rodney just stared back as he tried to remember what marine was named Jenn, then gave up. He was horrible with names anyway.

“Where? When?”

“On the Daedalus,” John whispered.

Rodney was confused.

“My laptop, Jenn,” John’s voice grew high and tight, “I left her behind on the Daedalus.”

Rodney stared at him blankly. “What?”

“My laptop.” John said desperately, “It‘s on the Daedalus. I need your help getting it back.”

“The Daedalus left 18 hours ago. You named your laptop Jenn?” Rodney said as his eyes flickered over to his lab desk with his three lab laptops, Ami, Madelyn and Pru were open and glowing.

“Rodney! Focus!”

Rodney’s brow furrowed, “The ship isn‘t going to turn around to return your computer.”

“I know!” John voice was awfully close to a wail. Rodney’s eyes widened.

John caught his expression and his face underwent a multitude of expression in rapid order before setting on a mix of sheepish and frantic.

“It‘s be weeks before I get Jenn back. And the thought of anyone else powering her up…” John shuddered.

Rodney felt no urge to laugh at John. He thought about his mission laptop, Julissa, whom he was always meticulous about putting back together after any mission where she was damaged by barbaric Neanderthals. And the way that other scientists know to hide their own laptops from his search for spare parts when she was damaged. He made his decision.

“I‘ll help you get Jenn back.” He put a hand on John‘s tense shoulder feeling it relax minutely.

Rodney’s heart jumped at they way John lit up in an even more incandescent way than he did when guns or ships where mentioned.

“Okay,” his fingers snapped rapidly. “Let’s get started.”


*grins* I figured if Jenn had a laptop named John. John had to have a laptop named Jenn.

It was easy. Simple. If you ingored how exactly insane it was. No really.

Puddlejumper to a planet near the Daedelus's flight path.

The hard part? Was keeping a straight face while Caldwell eyed them, looking like he was seriously measuring them for little white coats with buckles.

But the look on John's face when the laptop materialized was-- well worth it.

He approached slowly, like Jenn was going to bolt, he put his palm to her top and pressed gently. "Shh sweetheart. I'm here." His thumb gently reached down and pressed and moved right with practiced ease and she just eased open without complaint.

"That's a girl. That's my Jenn." John smiled, resting his fingertips on her keyboard, then gently running them over her edges.

He looked up just as his fingers circled around her power button. "Come here Rodney," he whispered and Rodney stepped closer, surprised to feel John's strong, warm hand on his, pulling his fingers foward till they rested carefully on the round little button in the center. "With me?"

Rodney smiled, John so close he could breathe him in without trying, their hands tangled together on the laptop. "Sure." He said and they pressed.

Jenn lit up for them, happy and perfect and her glow made John's eyes shine.



*giggling and giggling*

It's--God, Ami, you wrote laptop porn. Ish.

Jesus. *hugs you*




*bewildered eyes*

See if I ever write John and/or Rodney pushing your button again.

*soothes* It's not dirt. It's texture!

Oh er, in case it wasn't obvious. You jade, are an evil genius.

*snickers* Evil genius...I like it. I'm like a Dark Side Rodney.

*sings* Rodney has an Ami laptop! *pokes amireal* Meaning you!

Hee. But but-- you named it Julissa. That is not my name. I'm pretty sure.

But it's the thought that counts. Also? Does that mean Jenn and I are fated to love/hate each other forever? Is it Jenn!laptop/Ami!laptop OTP?

Does Jenn!Laptop randomly block Ami!Laptop's IP address? Does Ami sometimes overshare packets? THE WORLD WANTS TO KNOW!

*grins* Julissa is me. His three lab laptops Ami, Madelyn and Pru. *smiles* Guess with one is you! *singsongs*

Jenn!laptop and Ami!laptop network all the time. *nods* Ami is Rodney's favorite for personal stuff. And with Jenn!laptop being John's laptop. They rarely are un-networked.

If fact I'm sure Ami!Laptop was pretty worried over not being connected to Jenn!laptop for so long. She started to slow down a lot.

Maybe even make sad proccessing noises of loneliness.

Not even Rodney's other laptops could console her because networking with them wasn't the same! Something about Jenn!Laptop was soothing-- in an irritating sort of way -- and it always gave her a buzz. They had their own special port! (No no THAT one)

The plaintive beeping nearly drove Rodney mad since he had no idea what was causing it. He actually had to go into the programs and switch off that audio feature.

Poor Ami!laptop was rendered mute, which made Pru!laptop and Madelyn!laptop start to pop up a lot of error messages in anger at this injustice. They also send along soothing emails, reassuing Ami!laptop that there was no way John would keep Jenn!laptop away.

It was most distressing!

But Pru!Laptop and Madelyn!Laptop hummed soothingly to Ami!Laptop at night. Possibly waking Rodney from time to time, but totally by mistake!

But then Jenn!Laptop reappeared, shiny and perfect and her port was still the same comfortable opening it always was. Smooth as silk they connected. Happily Ami!Laptop reindexed her files for easier sharing and Jenn!Laptop possibly made a permanent tunnel in the router for them because she'd maybe realized that she always wanted Ami!Laptop around. Probably.

It wasn't long before things got even better.

Because now, late at night even when powered down Jenn!laptop and Ami!laptop slept side by side. And occasionally got up to clandestine night activitives involving high speed connections and exchanges of quite personal data.

Who'd ever had thought Jenn!laptop had those kind of pictures on her harddrive?

You are both nuts. And in such a fantastic way!

Okay, I am coming back to read this all day when I need a lift. Seriously. Oh my GOD. *still convulsed*

Yay! Convulsing-with-laughter-Jenn! My mission is accomplished!

Hehehe. I was cracked on delivery. *nods solemly*



*shakes head* No no, it's femmeslash laptop porn. *nods*

*slowly choking*

Oh my God. I love you! That is--that is....


“It‘s be weeks before I get Jenn back. And the thought of anyone else powering her up…” John shuddered.

He knows my pain.

you rock. Seriously. I have choked on coffee. And liked it!

*hugs you* Thank you. That has totally made my morning bright.

*speculative* I want a t-shirt that says "Seperis loves me." Oh, yeah.

HE TOTALLY KNOWS YOUR PAIN. *flails* I know that as soon as they got back to Atlantis. After properly thanking Rodney for his help *coughsexcough* he pretty much cuddled with Jenn!laptop all night. And whispering sweet pleads of forgiveness.

I have choked on coffee.

Oh no. The poor coffee...I mean...hope Brian wasn't splashed.

*beams* You're welcome!

Don't forget about Ami!laptop. Rodney, feeling an unkown pang, nabs his own laptop, JUST SO HE HAS SOMETHING TO DO while John is making those scary noises in his corner.

Of course! Rodney had to figure out what was slowing Ami!laptop all this time.

He also needed to something to focus on other than John. Because those noises, while scary, where also getting him hot. It was the sweet cooing.

Then on impulse he connectes Ami!laptop to Jenn!laptop so he can talk to John and notices that the slowness went from turtle speed to bunny hyped up on bananas in less than a second.

::hug:: You'll survive! And John will come back shinier!

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