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children of dune - leto 1
Due to unavoidable time constraints, I need betas for two separate stories.

Somewhere I Have Never Travelled and Gladly Beyond, tentatively titled sequel to "Somewhere"</b>

Somewhere clocks at 83,641 words, Gladly Beyond at 22,979. Normally I wouldn't be weird about asking, but Somewhere is a damned long story and has continuity problems and plot problems, and I'd like the same person to be willing to do Gladly Beyond to ensure perfect continuity between the two.

If you have time, email me at jenn@thegateway.net.

Edited to Add: Got volunteers! Yay! Thanks so much or the quick replies!

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Yep - love to. I'd prefer the follow-up (cos, grin, I haven't read it), but I'm happy to do either.

if you haven't found someone to beta both stories by Monday (3/17) I'd be glad to. I have had beta experience with The Sentinel and Anne Rice specs. I have to be in Houston this weekend for a con otherwise I'd jump right in. :-)

Didn't you already post "Somewhere I have never traveled"?

Only to LJ and my webpage, first draft only, not to lists or archives. Hence the fact the sucker is rife with continuity errors when I refused, for some arcane and completey stupid reason, to keep decent notes outside my concept of shorthand. *g*

I love this new remodeling of the hotel! It now has a business center with interent hooked up so I'm sneaking in a little LJ time.

re: continuity
Hey if the show doesn't keep it straight I don't think we're going to get too mad at you. :-)
PS. I'll be getting back in Sunday night, so let me know then or Monday if you'd like me to
help beta both stories.

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