Seperis (seperis) wrote,

in mourning

So I'm dropping off John after work to be fixed. I just *narrowly* avoided explaining John has certain eccentricities and to handle him gently and don't leave him alone too long or he gets grouchy. I did ask over and over when they'd have him fixed. I'm fairly sure the nice guy on the other end of the phone wondered if I was sane. He'd probably guess no. And he'd be right.

I have no idea what it says about me that I'm twitching at the idea of anyone--*anyone*--touching John that isn't me or isn't in my line of sight, but honestly? I just don't care.

Also, as of Sunday, John too has been disassembled once, and also, huh, two extra screws? Intersting. And frightening. And wow, that motherboard is complex and strange and *compressed*.

Seriously. I'm already in withdrawl. This is so not of the good.

Brian had *better* be working. Brian being the desktop. I don't even know if I can remember how to *use* that keyboard. This is so worrisome. Also, I am going to panic now? So you know. Feel free to mock me.

*chews nails* God. So panicked.
Tags: jenn's life, my relationship with electronics
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