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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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dear god, she made it a challenge
..oh my God. Ami lost her mind.

amireal has a New Challenge! That is really, really new. As in, I honestly think that if this kind of challenge has been done before, I'll be extremely extremely surprised.

I...need to lie down now. With a compress of some kind.

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And yet-- you advertise it. *preens*

I'm waiting on more suggestions! *bounces*

It's either the lack of sleep, the fact that my faith in humanity has now sunk BELOW THE WATER GRADE, or my cat's fault.

I kind of like the thought of blaming the cat.

Oh! Right. I also blame you! *grin*

Also-- oh dear. I have my own tag! I-- well *frowns*-- I'm not sure how to feel about that.

My brain just exploded.

Also, I'm almost sure that every single one of her categories might have been explored in yaoi/yuri manga at some point or the other. Because it is scary like that.

Of course it was. Because fandom has nothing new left. *nods sagely*

No, it really doesn't. I was a good girl once, before I met fandom. And at some point I became so blase about it that now when I come across a stargate story with explicit bestiality in it, it makes me go "huh, weird" and dismiss it as the normal idiosyncracies of fandom rather than make me go right out and bleach my brain. *sigh*

Fandom: Hurting us, so real life doesn't.

Hee! wtf27 nabbed a few of those premises, but yes, missed diapers and breastfeeding totally. :)

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