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so, smuttiest fandom?
flying pig
So I am sadly pornless in Texas. It's tragic, and I'm aware of the tears being shed. Also, my current fandom is being *very difficult* and not, you know, posting more.

So. For my own indecent interest. If I left off a fandom, it's because I haven't read in it yet. And you should tell me about it. In detail. Perhaps with examples. If some involved bondage? This would not offend me.

This is, of course, for academic purposes only. I won't be using this to supplement my reading list or anything. Academic.

Poll #849428 Smuttiest Fandom

What is the smuttiest fandom? Pick three.

Stargate: Atlantis
Stargate SG-1
Due South
X-Men (comic or movie)
Queer as Folk
Star Wars
Harry Potter
The Sentinel
You forgot my fandom, you whore! See comments.

DCU. Te has been trapped here for three years. 'nuff said.

Yeah, I second that. So many pairing as well, there's something for everyone.

Star Trek! I believe underground Kirk/Spock fic in 'zines in the 70s kicked off fanfic. Even if that's a myth, there's about 30-40 years of het, slash, cross-race, cross-species, cross-time, cross-dimension porniness. And then of course the Dark Mirror people are all a bunch of dirty perverts.

God, I forgot Star Trek. *facepalm*

You probably haven't read any of this fandom, but Oz is by far one of the smuttiest fandoms of which I've been a part. I mean, prison sex is fucking canon! You can't get better than that.

prison sex is fucking canon!

This made me giggle.

Pop. Definitely popslash. Its already got group slut fic built in.

Back in the day, Gundam Wing was a little porn machine. Not just frequency but complexity of the smut. It was a lot of bad porn, but the *average* level of smuttiness was fairly sophisticated even though the average age might've been lower than usual.

Yes, SGA didn't make my list. Compared with GW and a large chunk of the X-Files I saw, there are many areas where the fandom is still pretty vanilla. Got to spank it harder, dudes.

(And I'm guessing you missed my gun porn.)

God, everybody who voted for Atlantis just doesn't KNOW about the convos you and I had. Do you remember those conversations, Jenn? How we complained that ALL OF SGA SEEMED JUST SO VANILLA AND VIRGINAL COMPARED TO SHIT IN SV?

SGA will *get there*. I have faith!

...though granted, the double penis and self-lubing penis might not make it.

(Deleted comment)
*makes note* I will look. I think I watched enough of the show to follow along.

LOTR RPS dude -- a passel of hot actors filming a movie in New Zealand, or recast into any kind of AU you can imagine.

Anything by abundantlyqueer is brilliant and scorching. Index here. Try the With Love Only series to taste a bunch of hawt, porny one-shots.

brainofck's Throw Away series is my favorite of her Lotrips smut. (See icon quote.) (She also gets special mention for sucking me into Stargate SG-1, which led me to Atlantis, so yay!)

You know that cracky wench rosemending previously smoked crack in the Lotrips universe, right? Yup. (Love Birds, man -- penguins aren't just for Atlantis, you know.)

The phone sex operator AU? You got it: lord_alexander and apple_pi's Phone Tig.

The whole premise of brigantine's Novice Chronicles is BDSM porn, and yet the story is so good!

The whole premise of legomyarrow's The Archer is an AU spy story, but the porn is so good! (This is the novel that broke the Lotrips fandom -- the must read. For when you have a few days free.)

Uh, that's the tip of the iceberg...

I second that. I suggest baby_razzle, she's lots of fun, and chaosmanor, and abundantlyqueer is good too.

theidentitycode is a pretty cool experience, although the slash is a little bit secondary.

Yeah, SGA fer shure... but how about The Professionals?... probably a bit obscure these days... or maybe I'm just getting old... Yeah, that's it, I blame it ALL on my approaching dotage... what a shock I'll be in the rest home, eh?

Also, my current fandom is being *very difficult* and not, you know, posting more.

I've noticed! It's a naughty fandom and deserves to be spanked. *g*

As for smuttiness, I'm sure you've already read manna's Administration Series, but it's always worth a reread.

Oh, god, I second that too, that thing is freaking awesome.

See, SGA has some great porn but it also has a hell of a lot of really sweet PG and PG-13 stories. Percentage-wise, there isn't enough crazy kinky shit going on just yet for it to be a really smutty fandom (which should be changed IMMEDIATELY, ahem).

I don't know if you're including the RPS in with Supernatural, but the CW/WB RPS? Hot like burning. Actually, quite a lot of RPS in general is smutty and fantastic.

Percentage-wise, there isn't enough crazy kinky shit going on just yet for it to be a really smutty fandom (which should be changed IMMEDIATELY, ahem).

I am in *total* agreement there.

Ooh. *marks for home* Thank you!

Does SGA have bestiality yet? No? Then don't talk to me.

WAIT, I'm lying. I read one where Ronon was a werewolf who raped Carson.

Oh please. We had Rodney raped by a flying pony. And almost give birth! And--wow, wear diapers. AND be slashy.

I totally forgot that one.

If you don't mind reading fic without watching the show first, I'd rec Final Fantasy 8 (yeah, it's a game, same diff with regard to fic). It's an older fandom and this archive hasn't been updated recently, but it's a good place to start:
Bascially, there are more pretty boys than usual (four main and 3-4 supporting), meaning that the fans write them all boinking each other in various implausible combinations just because they can. If you really want bondage, Seifer's probably the one most predisposed to kinky stuff.
This is my favorite fic:
http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1548926/1/ by irvinetkinneas - it's low on smut, but it's good and has the advantage of being really long.

... okaie, and if you DO prefer having some idea of what went on in actual canon, ignore me.

Rodney just found the diaper fic on the Atlantis server, and his total shock called Sheppard over (see icon).

I am SAD and BEREFT that there isn't enough sizzling hot porn in SGA. I want more, enough for every occasion.