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The Toybox

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apple trailer rec
children of dune - leto 1
Seconding pentapus's rec for the trailer to 300, here.

Yeah. That's absolutely *gorgeous*. I really can't say much more than, having watched it three times and linked it to anyone foolish enough to be talking ot me right now, I really just want to keep watching again.


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I can't. stop. watching. And when I get bored with the people, I stare at the SKY.

sorry, can I use your journal for squee?

Oh, and the oracle. She's in there for an eyeblink, but I mean, watch it... a few... times and I am starting to want the special oracle dancing trailer.

Re: sorry, can I use your journal for squee?

God, squee squee squee. I just--wow. I love trailers. God, do I love good trailers.

Re: sorry, can I use your journal for squee?


Did you see -- the, the NINJAs in theater masks who were walking in sync and it was in time to the music too and -- nrrgh.

Re: sorry, can I use your journal for squee?

I hae watched it *TOO MNAY TIMES*. And pimped it out to coworkers.

Oh. So pretty. Now only if my my computer would load the last 30 seconds, my life would be complete.

*crosses fingers for you*

Just got it working. And of course, every time I had to rewatch it to get it to load...so worth it. Every time the music surges and those horses come up over the ridge...and when they all pull down their shields in unison...and the lady and the cloth...and the "Then we will fight in the shade" dude...*babbles endlessly*


God, the abdonimals on these guys. And the legs! And the leather warrier undies! *HAPPY* God, why was I not born in Sparta?

Yeah, I mean, tough existence, constant warfare and so on...but, man were there compensations...

I'd still rather they'd have gone with Gates of Fire (which the LC is so reading because apparently marine officers make their men read it), but I can't help but being a little excited for this.


Hmm. It's good? *marks on wishlist*

It's quite good, but it's... well, it's a manly kind of book. It's about honor and battle and love of country and the will to fight and other concepts that are somewhat out of fashion these days. It is, after all, the story of 300 guys (and their several hundred buddies) who are resolved to die in combat. And the women who are willing to support them in this endeavor, but mostly about the men.

Now *that* will grow hair on your chest.

Mmmmpretty men in leather underwear.

Life? Good.

omigodomigodomigod *becomes twelve-year-old Classics major* OMIGODOMIGODOMIGOD

the arrowheads are shaped like...things with claws! everything is glowy and special-effectish and AWESOME. omigod why isn't March in October? *weeps*

YES! Coolest visuals *ever*.

I knew I'd heard the music before - It's Nine Inch Nails, "Just Like You Imagined" from The Fragile album.

Looks like fun and eyecandy, with lots of fantasy mixed in.

OH MY GOD. I love trailers so much. SO Much. And the music. And the flowy scarfy things, and the sky, the SKY!


Oh God. Why was I not born in a time where men fought in their undies? WHY GOD WHY?

I have watched the trailer probably more times than is healthy. It actually launched a conversation which lasted nigh on an hour with some friends, because one friend had never heard the story of Thermoplyae. Poor girl now knows more than she ever cared to. heh.

Finally someone else who loved it as much as I did. When I stumbled over it two weeks ago I was stunned by it's beauty.
I never thought about reccing it though.
I'll do it later so many more people get the chance to love it as much as wee do.
*Hears 'this is Sparttaaa'*

My only problem with 300 is that it is written by :shudder: Frank WHORESWHORESWHORES Miller. (this man's crimes against our gender are far too many to mention, but just ask any female comics reader - they start spitting nails and produce chainsaws) But yes, fucking gorgeous.

Oh wow. If the movie lives up to the trailer, I'm first in line.


It's the same style as Sin City and I spent that entire movie gaping at the screen in wonder. Also, semi-nakes men are always a good thing.

Holy shit. That is maybe the most gorgeous trailer I've seen in about a freakin' YEAR. Frank Miller... man. Awesome. Thanks for the redirect!

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