Seperis (seperis) wrote,

sgareview - the return, s3e10

Because I cannot write John's new deification without, you know, watching The Return again and it was hard, you know, *hard*, but I sacrifice myself like that for fandom.


Are we really sure that the badly dressed cream ensemble of maximum ickiness people are actually Replicators? Cause I would totally not put it past the Ancients to beat the reps, then like, kill Voyager's Doctor--or whoever he is now, seriously, like I keep up with names--or lock him and Jack up. Those were not cool Ancients.

It begs the question if there *were* any cool Ancients. Have we met one that didn't have issues?

Sidenote: If there is anything hotter in the universe than John and co in their adorable black ops drag, then I do not want to know what it is. Rodney armed is always enough to stop me breathing. John shooting things is really good buttercream chocolate icing with hot fudge sauce on teh cake. Jesus. How did I get through this ep the first time without a coronary?

Carry on. I'm on my second dose of Tylenol Sinus Severe and Sudafed 12 Hour, which is such false advertising I am amazed they exist in the same space-time continuum as I do. Colors *pretty*.
Tags: episode review: stargate:atlantis
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