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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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madelyn thing, other
another frog
svmadelyn is running a poll on fannish questions most common, some unusual, not too long. Participate! It's viewable only by her. She does introduce her idea and reasoning first.

Hmm. You know, the hardest question for me to answer was that last one.

Also, svmadelyn officially gets her own tag now. I think I have enough entries about her. *sighs at lj*

Random mockery, because I had to go look.

Also, the SOS* thing? Was anyone but me really worried when we found out some of the--more emotional comments were made by people who were actual people and not sockpuppets?

And really, really disturbed?

That? Was odd.

ETA: *refers to science of sleep, the first sponsored community

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First sponsored lj community, Science of Sleep. I had to go look and it was just--something else.

I read SOS, and thought of Killa's SPN vid. It was an odd moment in my head.

Ah. See, even many, many years later my first thought when seeing SOS in a fannish context is the "Save Our Sentinel" campaign, so I get confused when I see it as an acronym for something else and don't make the connection. *g*

Oh God, yeah. It's really disturbing. Sockpuppets would have been much easier to understand. *g*

The omg changed my life nad repaired my relatinoship with my father bit?

I was waiting for someone to claim lions laid with lambs outside the theatre.


There's a whole different world out there on LJ, and it scares me.

*hugs fandom tightly*

Not to scare you or anything, but I just had a dream where I was reading an LJ entry by you about Waffles. Something about how he was throwing his food bowls and such down to the atrium.

*chews lip worreidly*

The thing is--he *does do that*. A *lot*

*suddenly suspcious of yoru prescient dreams* Are you influencing my bunny?

!! Okaie, I'm scared now.

... well, I could always try to influence him for good. Waffles! Give the nice human who gives you food lots of love! Not the kind that involves teeth.

... as a third thought, rabbits (at least domestic ones) are very fond of throwing things. Especially heavy things, at convenient times like three in the morning. (klonnnng) So it's not particularly surprising, except for the dreaming part. I don't often remember dreams.

ETA: *refers to science of sleep

The film Science of Sleep right? I saw that at Sundance last year. I agree that the more emotional screens were those that were during the dream/day dream state.

I'm mostly referring to the comments in the blog that hit a new definition for emotional overload.

Sockpuppet (sometimes known also as a mule, glove puppet, alt(alternate) account, or joke account) is an additional account of an existing member of an Internet community to invent a separate user. This may be used for fictional support of separate people in a vote or argument by falsely using the account as a separate user, or for acting without consequence to one's "main" account. It is often considered dishonest by online communities, and such pretending individuals are often labeled as trolls.

This is the best def I've found so far. I love wikipedia.


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